Wake Up

When you’re in a situation you know is bad, is skewed, is corrupt why would you defend it? Why would you shut the blinds on the light and hide deeper in a rotted space?

That’s what boggles the mind in regard to politics. Every time someone happens along with genuinely positive, innovative or new ideas they get relentlessly questioned and attacked. Only if they seem genuine though. Those who present false positives and false hope seem to get free passes (at least until the majority wakes up).

Those part of the “system” are not nearly tested as much as those who haven’t sold their souls yet. In fact their faults, weaknesses and even transgressions are glossed over. It’s a self defeating way to view the world.

I could be talking politics here but the central themes I address can be applied in many ways. Gears in the machine that go along with the flow of the machine cause no sparks. Ironically, sometimes the machine has been so twisted toward dissonance, stagnation and theft of energy that “normal” running for it is full of sparks and squeaks. Not meaningful and symphonic notes mind you. Insentient noise without rhyme or reason.

It’s not easy to wake up but it’s a lot worse to avoid waking up.

Maybe we can wake up though, collectively, the majority of us, maybe. We have to overcome our fear to leave the cave though.

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