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Acceptance, All Of The Sudden

and all the sudden, as if crept up on you, acceptance becomes an imperative, a burden, another requirement to live up to. You must accept *this*. You must accept your pain, your fear, the way things are or have been. You must forgive. You must let go. You must, because it’s become a moral imperative. An unforgiving condemnation.

So the release comes not in acceptance. It comes in accepting that there are some things you can’t or won’t accept, and that’s ok.

Then you’ve met the heart of acceptance, not the ego pretending to practice it. Not the peer definition. Not the punishing imperative. But the real heart of it.

Love Begins

Love begins in quiet recognition and appreciation.

Not the ego. Not “How can I use this person? What can they do for me?”. Not in building ideas of someone without actually listening to them. Not misrepresenting them, which even the bible symbolically alludes to with “bearing false witness”. The concept is ancient.

What love is, is timeless.

Mothers Day, Respect Her Love and Work!

Everyone says they love their mothers but I’m wary unless they love all mothers. I’m not moved by sentiment unless they respect all life. I’m not convinced unless they love what she loves and works to create and brings into the world. What she toils, nurtures, cries, sweats and has bled for.

I think to respect the mother we have to respect her work and personal sacrifices.

I think mothers day shouldn’t revert us to sentiments. I think it should make us all sober and look at what the hell we’re doing to each other on this planet… I know it’s a radical idea, it’s like saying we should be decent to each other year round and not just put it on a Christmas card.

Keep in mind that every living thing came from a mother in one form or another. Remember that many living things came from the blood, sweat, tears, self sacrifices and enduring love of a mother. Respect your mother by respecting all mothers. Respect the mother by respecting what she’s toiled in stress and joy, pain and love to give a chance to in this world. Love is more than a feeling. It’s awareness, it’s consciousness, it’s actions.

The Deepest Temptation

If you want to know why the world is fucked up and why “despite all my rage I’m still just a rat in a cage”, read this.
Then follow up with this as an example of the problem.

It should be noted that the dogmatic assholes who level accusations of moral failing, sin and karma against addicts or anyone in a destitute situation are (consciously or not) part of or serving the evil they claim to be fighting.

They’re part of a destructive system that plays games against humanity. A system that trips humanity up and gets people to feel guilty about themselves for being human. These forces do not want a harmonious world. They want chaos and suffering. They know that the rats are going to go for the drugged water if the cage is made toxic and isolating.

The nature of true evil is not a moral failing or fairy tale figure with horns and a tail. The nature of true evil is something incredibly anti-human (anti-life, anti-matter, anti-spirit). It has no point of reference in the human world and known universe other than maybe the deepest and staunchest clingings on to the force of denial. Denial against freedom, beingness, and the very natural and spontaneous flow of creation itself.

Evil is what has created our culture and is everywhere in society where natural humanity is shamed and natural connection and bonding between warm blooded creatures is shunned.

Some call this evil “patriarchy”, and the negative male ego is very much part of it. The negative male ego, with its desire for power and control, is sort of evil’s prison bitch. The negative male will readily sell out his soul if he thinks he’s going to get a power or ego fix from it. Many men habitually exist in this state of soullessness because it’s been woven into society and the collective mind to think and act in such ways.

Despite how many men (and women) have sold out for power, for money, for fancy suits and cars, and to own the feminine* the source of evil is not humanity. It is something very not human. Something akin to the machines in the Matrix movies. Something that does not understand humanity and its needs at all, something with a sadistic apathy toward it.

*At least the material expression of the feminine (and human soul), as the highest heavens elude those who operate in control and malignant aggression… in crude terms one can not rape their way into the highest gateways of the Mother. Doorways only open for honest hearts and spirits that grasp compassion. “Heaven” never kicked us out, we strayed from it. We kick ourselves out and close the door further with every unhuman act. Love is eternal however, and the arms of love reach out and cry as we stray into unnatural, unhuman territory. Only unnatural patriarchal gods seek to judge (with their limited sight) and punish. Truly, the truest eternal power cries out quietly for us and reminds us that we can turn away form our self betraying unhuman ways at any time and come back to our humanity and souls.

This is the truest temptation of the Mother force, the feminine expression, that unhuman religions and autistic masculine minds demonize and fear.

It’s basic touch itself, even the recognition of our own beingness in our own warm bodies, that these unhuman forces seek to separate us from and have developed entire mind infecting paradigms of polarization and terror against.

It is that basic need that tempts us in our deepest souls to reunite with. Love is what nourished our souls and made any of us what we are today. It is sad how far we’ve strayed.

I can hear the universe crying for us, can you?

The Self Thread

tree dance

Self authenticity is everything and what is the “self”? There must be universal threads in every self for the self to be referred to as the “Self”. The Self must be one part of the ever present holy trinity, however your personal framework of spirituality frames it. Not to be mistaken for religion and dogmatism of gods and devils which is another trap to keep the mind in dualistic division. The number three is part of many spiritual traditions, the trinity at the basis of life and creation. Life as a trinary circuit.

These threads must have something to do with being genuine, with integrity, with honesty, with personal responsibility and accountability. Basically all the qualities we need to cultivate in ourselves to access and truly know the “Self”.

Basically all the qualities that you won’t find on TV in public caricatures of empty importance. Those who have replaced their threads of Self with superficial enslavement, drawn themselves out of the trinity to draw themselves into a false matrix. The quo has already abandoned them, they have nothingness to look forward to when the transient ride ends.

We should really be savvier than that. We should implore ourselves to ask how we are part of the trinary circuit and how we can be most present in it which is to be fully alive (the path of Selfhood, the authentic self).

There is an eternal circuit for those who are honest toward themselves. For those who are ruthlessly compassionate with themselves there is the ecstatic nearly unbearable experience of being. There is light and there is dark, there is happiness and there is sadness, but those who find center find something greater than all sides of the coin.

There is the loop of infinity and creation alive in all living things. There is a matrix of substance and it begins within in the rumbles of self awakening that arouse your soul. It begins in every sliver that tells us we must look within and come to know ourselves. We must not just face ourselves but be willing to realize and experience ourselves so we know ourselves fully. Plant your feet on the Earth and be at one with your heart and the stars above, and you’ll know true luminescence.

The substance that connects us to eternity is within us but we must reconcile the pieces within. We must be courageous to face our egos, our undesirable and ugly sides that we deny, our shadows and repressed vulnerabilities and pains. We must brave the tests that the Self has set for us, in which to find it and let love find us.

This all boils down to the substance of the genuine self. The responsibility of the very being and awareness of the very breath.

There is no drug to deeply look within, there is no image or costume that one can put on to reach it. It’s reached in the sober moments and the quiet stillness of revelation.

This is the test, in your very breath.

The Living Paradox

yin yang

Reminder: The only true way forward is to see the good in all things and all sides. It’s only in an additive state of mind and embracing heart that we can truly make progress individually and collectively.

The stunted mind sees contradiction and tries to correct this through the impossible act of eliminating the opposing “side”. The healthy mind embraces paradox.

At the end of the day we’re all comprised of paradoxes that according to science and religion shouldn’t exist. The establishments of the world hate that we exist because not even the squarest peg fits perfectly.

Find beauty in all your rough edges and reconcile your paradoxes. At the end of the day we’re all much more than the roles and controls that this world has put on us.

If you remember this you have begun the journey of remembering everything.

We’ll all become living paradoxes again once we awaken from the slumber of dead contradictions.


Peace Through Paradox

No you’re not crazy. The more soulful you are, the more you grow, the more complicated life gets because the more complex you are.

If you were completely simple and “sane” without a challenging thought, that would be cause for concern.

Self mastery is not about minimizing yourself – any of your thoughts, passions and dreams. It’s not about life becoming simple in the quaint sense. You’d have to give up your unique identity and intriguing idiosyncrasies to do that.

Self mastery is integrating your complexity and making peace with your paradox. When you achieve this you will truly be lighter and free.


Wake Up

When you’re in a situation you know is bad, is skewed, is corrupt why would you defend it? Why would you shut the blinds on the light and hide deeper in a rotted space?

That’s what boggles the mind in regard to politics. Every time someone happens along with genuinely positive, innovative or new ideas they get relentlessly questioned and attacked. Only if they seem genuine though. Those who present false positives and false hope seem to get free passes (at least until the majority wakes up).

Those part of the “system” are not nearly tested as much as those who haven’t sold their souls yet. In fact their faults, weaknesses and even transgressions are glossed over. It’s a self defeating way to view the world.

I could be talking politics here but the central themes I address can be applied in many ways. Gears in the machine that go along with the flow of the machine cause no sparks. Ironically, sometimes the machine has been so twisted toward dissonance, stagnation and theft of energy that “normal” running for it is full of sparks and squeaks. Not meaningful and symphonic notes mind you. Insentient noise without rhyme or reason.

It’s not easy to wake up but it’s a lot worse to avoid waking up.

Maybe we can wake up though, collectively, the majority of us, maybe. We have to overcome our fear to leave the cave though.

Way To Go Doc Brown

This is an amazing video and message. Watch it and watch it again. It’s pure and inspirational. I found it more so than any movie released this decade. It reminds me of a time when the message could be simple and inspirational, not convoluted and brooding.

This isn’t a reboot/remake/rehash/CGI of Doc Brown speaking his classic lines either. It’s the same Doc Brown.┬áDoc Brown being his good natured and off kilter self with more wrinkles and a tired looking face. Yet the message is as powerful as it always has been.

Let’s keep open minds, let’s clear ourselves of the gunk/darkness/cynicism/unnecessary drama. The future is being made in this moment right now. The best thing we can do is clear ourselves and remember how to fly. Remember the inner spark, as Doc Brown always did.

It’s easy but not something you think about. It’s in the release and letting go. Doc brown didn’t have many mean bones in his body, that’s why he could create flight (Biff didn’t create it, he temporarily stole it and it killed him). Doc is a character. You’re a real person. The spirit is the same regardless of who embodies it.

If we do that we will naturally manifest and gravitate toward positive futures.

Nurture vs. Fester


In my previous post I talked about adding to each other’s sails vs. tearing each other down. The most pertinent point being that the daggers you create and put in someone else’s back weren’t in existence before you created them, and can be used against you. It’s not karma. It’s being a co-creator who is (or isn’t) aware and responsible for what you put out there.

“Do not do unto others what you wouldn’t want done to you” is the biggest lesson. None of us would be creating any daggers to stab at others, putting others down, tearing at their dreams and creations if we inner-stood this lesson.

I’m sometimes surprised and cynical at speeches that sing positive rhetoric but don’t get this lesson! People can be arrogant, they may think they’re already “there” so don’t need to listen or care. Those are usually the people who are first to cry out when life gives them pitfalls. It’s madness.

One has no standing to speak of love, light, creativity, human potential if they don’t get this lesson. Anything less and we’re gonna be tearing others down, criticizing them behind their backs and creating those daggers. Which is basically festering and harboring denial energy (or un-making-consciousness). The denial you present to the “other” is the denial you place in your heart and soul. It’s not karma. It’s what we create, it’s what we directly put out there. It doesn’t “come around”, what we put out there is already there.

We can talk platitudes out of our asses until the cows come home, it doesn’t matter how sweet the speech. Your inner attitude matters, what you truly want for others (and yourself) matters. It takes a brave soul to become aware of this. It takes a brave one to become aware of their self and begin to mind what they’re putting out there. It can be a difficult wake up, so that soul (whoever they are) deserves our respect and encouragement. It’s not what we’ve done in the past it’s how willing one is to wake up in the present moment that matters.

The greatest show of LOVE is the allowance of something (life, beauty, etc). We can’t encourage, motivate, inspire each other until we’re allowing each other to sail our sails. I mean allowing as if it’s not even our right to allow or disallow each other, which it isn’t.

Creating inspiration and encouragement is proactive. It’s an act of decisiveness in creation. You may not be perfect with it, but hey you’re learning. We’re all co-creators learning how to create. This is where finding inner stillness, sobriety, being mindful of how and what we create comes into play (“Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want done to you” vs. “Treat others like you want to be treated”).

We all have the power to be a positive and creative force in the world.

So find the floor of your gut, find your motivation. Do consider the difference between nurturing allowance and festering denial. For yourself and for others. What you nurture for yourself is also what you create for others and vice versa.

As I wrote in the previous post, in regard to festering of denial or self destructive behavior, “You’re better than that”. Really! You are! You fucking rock! We just gotta find it in ourselves and keep it alive in all ourselves by appreciating it in the self and the other.

You are loved, you are a co-creator, you are beautiful. We’re all amazing and it’s always a good moment to realize that.