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The Deepest Temptation

If you want to know why the world is fucked up and why “despite all my rage I’m still just a rat in a cage”, read this.
Then follow up with this as an example of the problem.

It should be noted that the dogmatic assholes who level accusations of moral failing, sin and karma against addicts or anyone in a destitute situation are (consciously or not) part of or serving the evil they claim to be fighting.

They’re part of a destructive system that plays games against humanity. A system that trips humanity up and gets people to feel guilty about themselves for being human. These forces do not want a harmonious world. They want chaos and suffering. They know that the rats are going to go for the drugged water if the cage is made toxic and isolating.

The nature of true evil is not a moral failing or fairy tale figure with horns and a tail. The nature of true evil is something incredibly anti-human (anti-life, anti-matter, anti-spirit). It has no point of reference in the human world and known universe other than maybe the deepest and staunchest clingings on to the force of denial. Denial against freedom, beingness, and the very natural and spontaneous flow of creation itself.

Evil is what has created our culture and is everywhere in society where natural humanity is shamed and natural connection and bonding between warm blooded creatures is shunned.

Some call this evil “patriarchy”, and the negative male ego is very much part of it. The negative male ego, with its desire for power and control, is sort of evil’s prison bitch. The negative male will readily sell out his soul if he thinks he’s going to get a power or ego fix from it. Many men habitually exist in this state of soullessness because it’s been woven into society and the collective mind to think and act in such ways.

Despite how many men (and women) have sold out for power, for money, for fancy suits and cars, and to own the feminine* the source of evil is not humanity. It is something very not human. Something akin to the machines in the Matrix movies. Something that does not understand humanity and its needs at all, something with a sadistic apathy toward it.

*At least the material expression of the feminine (and human soul), as the highest heavens elude those who operate in control and malignant aggression… in crude terms one can not rape their way into the highest gateways of the Mother. Doorways only open for honest hearts and spirits that grasp compassion. “Heaven” never kicked us out, we strayed from it. We kick ourselves out and close the door further with every unhuman act. Love is eternal however, and the arms of love reach out and cry as we stray into unnatural, unhuman territory. Only unnatural patriarchal gods seek to judge (with their limited sight) and punish. Truly, the truest eternal power cries out quietly for us and reminds us that we can turn away form our self betraying unhuman ways at any time and come back to our humanity and souls.

This is the truest temptation of the Mother force, the feminine expression, that unhuman religions and autistic masculine minds demonize and fear.

It’s basic touch itself, even the recognition of our own beingness in our own warm bodies, that these unhuman forces seek to separate us from and have developed entire mind infecting paradigms of polarization and terror against.

It is that basic need that tempts us in our deepest souls to reunite with. Love is what nourished our souls and made any of us what we are today. It is sad how far we’ve strayed.

I can hear the universe crying for us, can you?

Love vs. The Cold


Barefoot Earthing on chilly nights, tis the way to clear the head.

Men should strive for clear heads ruled by higher centers and warm hearts fearless in all weather. Men should strive to be men… Quotes about strength? I have a million, only because I’ve lived every line.

Nature is receptive, even nurturing of us, we imprint it with positive and negative perceptions.

There’s a lot of animals out there though. The human interpersonal biosphere can be colder than mother nature’s coldest night. So keep your head out of negative games, keep your heart close, and let no one step on the throne of your spirit-soul. You’re better than that. I’m better than that. We all are.

Sometimes it takes a cold night, wind rushing through your spirit, the Earth embracing your soles in love… to remind us of that.



The message today? Be safe, be warm. Conscious love takes care.

Connection and communication with other sentient beings in the cold void of space is a gift not a guarantee. To be sentient in the touching and interacting with the hearts of others is conscious love. The black is mighty cold out there. Take anyone and anything for granted at your peril. Especially your own heart and self respect.

DSC00027 edit


The first relationship you have with the opposite sex is with your own opposite side. So when we treat or mistreat each other we show that relationship off in its beauty and dysfunction.

Spiritually in romance there is nothing more sacred than that opposite part of yourself, your “other side”. Your feminine side love if you are a man or masculine side love if you are a woman.


To share it is sacred. It is love for you to share, given to you by your own soul, your other half of divine spark.

The sharing of that love should be celebrated and we should be conscious in the way we treat those we love. This is not often the case in our world. We give our own sacred love away or mistreat the love of others, because we are not conscious of what we’re playing with. What we’re playing with is the stuff of creation.

So today may we all face the mirror. May we face and take responsibility for the ways we do not respect the love in ourselves and in others.

We should strive to be men and women of impeccable hearts and pay it forward in the destiny of love with cherishing all love we are fortunate to know and experience.

Healing Is Strength

I’m going to start wishing people healing, not safety or wellness and not love and light. I think that in a healed state a lot of love would naturally come to be and flourish, a lot of light would flow, and wellness would prosper. We would not worry about safety because we’d be too eager to step outside our safety zones and explore life.
Wholeness makes a person strong. Trauma and fracturing makes a person weak. All intentionally caused trauma is an attack on the mind/wholeness with the intent of creating weakness.
Why do we live in a world that is full of influences that try to create weakness? Why do we fight healing? Why do we fight our own strength?


Love? Love is a battlefield, but not the way you think it is… The real battles begin after we get past the dramas, betrayals and heartbreaks of petty makings and smaller minds.

There’s a machine out there that wants to destroy our souls. Love is when you remember how “God”,”Goddess”, source or whatever have you feels about you. How loved you are, encouraged and embraced. It’s when you spark it within yourself. It’s when you remind someone else. It’s when you feel it on all levels of being and you come alive. And you’re the night, and you’re the day, and you face the annihilating greyness. It’s chased away by a flicker and flight. You don’t have to move mountains because you are the mountain too and the sun that burns above it.

Love says, “I want you remember all that you are, fully. I want you to have a reunion with your dreams.” and the muse whispers so sweetly, “You muse me.”

Love? You can enter into someone’s life loving who they are with emphatic belief, as if from the heart and core of being, or you can enter someone’s life never really seeing them but with the intention to change them to fulfill your needs. One road leads to happiness, the other leads to ruin.

Maybe instead of wanting someone to be everything we deserve, we should wish for someone we love, adore and deeply believe in. So much that you only want them to be more of who they are. We’ll know what it means when someone becomes mythic in our minds but reminds us of how great we are, in our hearts.

It’s not putting the self aside, it’s loving the other as much as you love yourself. There is happiness in helping them reach and be that. When you both do it for each other you become like stars ever radiance. It’s a power when two people want each other to fulfill their own needs, to realize their own being, to reach their own potential. Like ever flowing stars in the ambrosiac night.

Love is alive. We’re just wasting too much of our love on people who aren’t really part of our lives, on faces on tv screens and empty things. Love is there when we befriend the people we want to be and find the hero within each. Love is alive when we find our meaning, and we’re the heroes. We’re the gods and goddesses. We’re the kings and queens. We’re the beggars and vagabonds. Tales sung around a fire, epics inspired. You and I.

Hold me and remind me how mighty I am. The numbing drums have taken their tolls on my sensitivity, my sentient high wire act and I forgot to feel my soles. We’re all just numbers not names in the grey cloud machine. We’re gutted and emptied, strung along to external idols. Let’s stoke a fire in each other. I can look into your eyes and I’ll hold your beauty in my heart. Emphasis will be interchangeable in the fiery kiln of empathy. Our loyalty will be to each other’s very best potential reached in life and across all planes of existence, vibrating beyond colors. Set free to adore. We’ll gaze at each other’s multi dimensional dance with the eye of awe and dizzying enamor. Send a static charge through your skin and we’ll remember how hairs feel when they stand on edge. We’ll be like warriors of a song dipping from dark to light. We’ll all be strength of the spirit, interchangeable yet undeniably unique. We’ll spark it within ourselves, we’ll find it in each other. You and I.

I asked true love, “What’s your favorite position?” and it said to me, “Side by side,”

How will you carry the grand story into the next moment of your life?

Daring For Beauty

I felt like posting something life embracing, a daring show of beauty. In a pair of lips, in a sift of sand, in a wisp of a wave… It’s not fearful. It’s not a gripping headline. It’s not ironic. It’s not meant to make your life seem unexciting. It’s not a trend. It’s not a top 10 list. It’s not new. It’s been around for ages. This thing called beauty. This thing called life. It might be said that the first time we fell in love was with life itself. So let’s rise.

The beauty of nature’s soul and the aortic vessel, promoting little bursts of ecstasy and grand moments blossoming. Life is provocative and my mind makes love to it every day. Ravishing, full body quaking orgasmic love. Let’s throw off our jaded clothes. Let’s try our staying power. Let’s see who smiles biggest…

Sometimes you find it within, sometimes it finds you without.

For my love and Mother ‘verse.

Dsc03191A white hot glow gently rouses the waves and entices the thirsty sands, in anticipation, sinking into the plush rosette horizon.

Dsc03143A kiss of amber orange amour rolls over a curve’s crest to adore the tip of the most comely peak.

Dsc03142Adorned with adore and flowing from the inside, a mountain reverberates.

Dsc01413The passion of ember sky like a heated glass hearth, the rich and blue sea building up deeply. Its secrets never told, ever felt in its fresh sprays.

Dsc01404Salty licks reach out upon the soft slope, teasing the shore, saturating its granules of eternity with tomorrow’s dreams.

0824131550She opens her elation wings with widest embrace upon the land. A dress to dress the world in a bathe of prismic luminescence. Hot with the light of life.

Dsc03213We’ll rise so high that we love where we are, remember to love what we are, right now at this moment.

1012141743The shoreline swelled and salty wet, the waves relaxed into their undulating rhythm wrapping the land ’round. Golden tracks galvanize a moment, hand in hand, a couple lifted by crystal scintilla pillows between the toes.

1012141741bFriends of four legs and fur chase the waves as she glows brighter in joy, radiating the horizon with dusk’s final fiery osculation. Rays reaching, lovers embracing in her embryonic wings.

1012141742aA long smooch in crisp air, stretching as far as the day will take it, only the dance of shadows hint. How deep the breath? How surrendered the lips? How swept the pulse?

Dsc00006Lips kiss soft as a petal-s delicate press; upon petals, daring to meet the scintillating possibility of bliss blossoming.

Every relationship with the passions that builds within and the beauty without is a secret romance with life itself. Amour, amour! Dear life, adore.

Imagine that we realized the life that abounds within us. Imagine that we fell in love with the beauty that surrounds us. Imagine that love was already embracing us.

The Continuum Of Being

heart nebula

They say that love and desire are two different things, that the body and the soul must be at odds with each other. I say they’re confused. I say that being human is a continuum of many different experiences of expressions.

Love may simply be desire followed through. Every spectrum needs its far and near.

It might be said that the first time you fell in love was with life itself and life loved you back with a life of your own. The second time you fell in love was when you learned the joy of sharing your love and love was shared with you. The third time will be when you return before the first time and let love fill you like breathing, as you remember the sea of being residing within your heart, your soul resonating, your dreams intensifying.

Inner Life

You can travel the world a hundred times, you could go to different planets, you could study every microbe under a microscope.

It is the inner life which must come alive.

It is the inner life that all experiences relate to.

It’s from within we reach out and find within ourselves life alive.

Those who are wise learn to embrace and nurture their inner universe. That they hold the universe within them too.


Penetration emanations


Penetration is everything. When you’re healthy and involved in life, you penetrate life. When you’re sick, afraid, etc, you don’t penetrate life and become distant and wither. It’s as much about bravery as it is strength. Plenty of people have the strength but squander it, they don’t have the bravery or interest.

So, this idea can be looked at sexually and it can be looked at from a more fundamental level.

The sexual is of course enjoyable to play with, and I wish more women understood that they need to be penetrating too (and the responsibilities that go with that). For a conscious man it comes naturally to know that one need bring a positive, loving, passionate, uplifting energy into his “penetration”. He knows that his energy must be positive and healthy, and he must create a balance with his rawness and stability. He’s gotta bring the right music to tune into his partner. Most women don’t want toxic, violent energies brought into their sacred spaces.

There’s a lot that needs to go into mastering our positive, forward moving energies in a conscious way. It’s great to be around those who have done so, it’s even better to be with romantic partners who have whether you’re a woman or man. Penetration takes place at any time in a relationship, it doesn’t begin and end with sexual intercourse. It’s every moment you touch their psyche and heart, and they touch yours. A fucking simple embrace can be orgasmic if done right.

I agree with the above links that for women, in general, to realize that they too penetrate their partners they must see themselves not as victims or strictly as receivers but as empowered and active forces as well. I’d like to see more women embody and own the power of their yang energies, their penetrating energies too. It’d be great if more women did that. They already do to mild extents, anytime we’re with someone our energies are going to mix, but you have to be conscious of something to fully embody and utilize it.

It feels amazing for either sex when someone (consensual of course) penetrates you with their raw, passionate, living, loving, powerful, beautiful energy. The genuine focus of real penetration is not selfish! It is to focus on your partner and getting to know them. It’s to share yourself with your partner as you come to know them. Look past the common stigmas of the word “penetration” – ie. it implies destructiveness or has to do with wanting to control or rape someone. That’s not true penetration. True penetration is giving and selfless. In a partnership dynamic, it seeks to reach the other person. Narcissism could give a care less about reaching and touching the other because it’s too involved with itself.

How many times have you gazed deeply and meaningfully into the eyes of your partner during lovemaking? How many times have you shown genuine care and interest in their souls? Lovemaking is the one time we should be striving to be most intimately open and penetrating. It might take practice and conscious effort to bring that depth of touch to other interactions with a partner but lovemaking provides the biggest incentive… because it’s lovemaking…

I’m for women learning the power of penetration and how they penetrate too because it’s necessary. I say that as a man who has experienced being extremely detached from his feelings and emotions, and whose learned to be penetrating in of himself. So extremely in touch as well. I know the pain many men suffer that they don’t know they’re suffering because they don’t know any differently. We can of course learn to penetrate ourselves, to get to know our own hearts and minds but I don’t think it’s either a completely independent journey or completely one in which a partner is relied upon. I think it’s both and we need to be strong and honest enough with ourselves to admit when we’re ready and need to take each step. Intimacy is not an easy journey to take but it is rewarding.Many a man becomes a bitter and angry man because he loses touch with the engagement of life in himself and no women are seeking to provide that for him. They’re not thinking about how they can offer their unique penetrating energy and yang force but if you’re a woman and have a partner or partners you should be because it’s one of the best things you can offer.

Deep down most men are afraid of their feelings and feel miniscule inside. They’re in a world that belittles them. Western culture is terrible toward manhood. People use the excuse of the worst examples of men to perpetuate that hate, unfortunately people don’t see that tearing down one side has dire consequences upon the other. Yet men also crave what women crave. Many men don’t know how to feel and connect with their passion and energy though. Good partners can open many windows for us.

If you’re a woman you probably know the joy that a man can offer you by being strong, focused, penetrating with this masculine energy. Well we all have yang energy and to bring it lovingly and passionately to a partner, to penetrate and entice them, to surround and arouse them with it is again one of the best things one can offer to a partner.

Most strong men don’t dream of helpless victims. They want women who are strong in their own rights. Women who can stand side by side with them, to share in intimacy with someone of equal passion and power. Anything less is draining. A smart man will seek women who renews his masculine energy. A smart man will stay away from a woman who saps his yang energy, usually because the woman has an unhealthy relationship with her own or a debt in herself that she needs to feed off of the man for. This is not unlike how abusive men steal feminine energy from women which can leave the most beautiful and loving women feeling ugly and empty. When we learn to stand in our inner power we learn to renew ourselves and cherish our energies, we learn to renew each other… Speaking of cherishing our partner’s energies and what they penetrate and surround us with (every drop), well, that’s a blog for another time!

Perhaps one of the greatest responsibilities we have as sexual, creative, energetic beings is that of learning and wielding our strengths. We might all have different kinds of strength but need stand in our strengths. No one who stands in their strength is a helpless victim. To share our strengths, our penetrating and encompassing energies, our desires to do something uplifting and enjoyable for our partners is not just about doing something for your partner. It’s something that is going to repay you by elevating the overall joy and passion that you share with your partner. For men and women. It takes a deeper sight to see this. Shortsightedness and pettiness will defeat anyone. What we do today will be what stands or crumbles tomorrow.

Remember that we all want to be penetrated. We all need to be shown the light, so to speak. We crave it, we yearn for it. We need to be touched by loving energy, and through its flow we find a way. Through the deepest chasms of our closed off desires and locked hearts. We find a breath, we find the light within. We find our own aroused expressions. To be touched is to know how to be touched, is to touch and teach someone how to touch.

When it comes to literal penetration, sex and romantic love we have a responsibility. If we’re going to fuck each other we should fully and thoroughly penetrate each other. It feels great, but it is a responsibility too. If we can’t handle the responsibility we shouldn’t fucking be fucking playing around with fucking.

When it comes to penetration there is no half way. There is all the way or nothing, part way  or an illusion is still nothing. This goes for going solo-plunging into and getting to know thyself, as well as romantic and sexual partnerships. Go full or go away. Do or do not, there is no try.

We all like it when someone takes the time and makes the effort to know and penetrate us, and open the doorways of life, love and light within us. We all enjoy that and it does everyone well.

If not you’ll die in there, in the small meek place in yourself. The unpenetrated place that you’ve not plunged and opened up and exhaled to the world yet, that hasn’t been penetrated yet. We die without contact with that loving light. We need life to touch us deeply, it’s the only way to touch life.

So let’s shake off the stifling one dimensional gender roles, or the idea that if a woman penetrates a man it’s gotta be with a dildo (because as robots of the internet age everything has to be literal). That’ll help bring some light in the context of sex and romantic love.

Bring on the empowered women who own their strength and energy, and know how to use it as much as men are expected to be masters of their cocks. Empowered women are a joy to behold. They can be rarer than a man whose learned his own yang energy, but the empowered woman who knows how to emanate and penetrate with her love and beauty is truly a wonder. I’m not talking about women who want to supplant men (they’re just as astray as men who bank on technology to compete with and replace women). We don’t need to compete with each other to each embody the emanation of our strengths. We each bring it forward in a different way. Learning to do so is to become comfortable with ourselves. To become comfortable with the strength we bring to life, not just to other people, is the first and most important step.

It doesn’t matter how weak, meek or like a victim anyone feels. Anyone can learn to become comfortable with their strength, their force of yang, and express it. Of course doing so in sexual play is a most enjoyable way. There’s satisfaction gained in knowing that you’ve proactively made someone smile. You weren’t just there in the flesh of thrusting firmness or rippling body parts. You are a leader at the forefront of the raw drenched orgasmic waves. Surfing the ecstasy.

Man or woman, we all seek partners who are self aware and empowered. Eventually, we have to wade through our distractions first. Our fallings for those who are simply good looking or have some hot button quality… but we’re not really dealing with the full force of self awareness and strength with them. When that power awakens within us we’ll only truly be satiated when we find it around us and in our important relationships.

Empowerment seeks empowerment (or inpowerment). Empowerment reinforces empowerment and sets it free.

heart nebula