Does What They Say Unify Or Divide?

When did so called “leaders” become world experts on every issue ever?

When did guides become authority figures?

When did statements that incite and divide become good guidance, regardless of how feel good and positive they seem?

When did we become obsessed with being TOLD and even more at other people being TOLD what to do?

Why do people salivate at the mouth to be patronized?

When did the spiritual guide who leads by example become a “leader”?

When did everything in the media, whether entertainment or real people at pedestals, become about talking down to the viewer about contemporary issues?

Remember when we used to dream about greater things? Remember when we had higher goals? Expansive goals? Goals not obsessed with how wrong we are, the planet is, that Earthly existence is.

Goals that could see the best in everyone and unify toward greater ideals?

We think we’re looking at the big picture but are losing touch with the bigger one.

Everything is agenda these days. Simply being and living is a threat to agenda.

The environment is melting and revoking our gun rights! And gays are getting married and destroying the sanctity of polar bears sunbathing on ice caps! Liberals are banning chewing gum because it offended the dodo bird! The devil is taking over the world because we didn’t give enough to the collection plate and stereotypical rednecks with under bites are running wild through civilization with 20 MPG pick up trucks! Someone better slap their wrists and tell them they’re naughty!

The boogey man is coming for you and your children!

And we’re all such clueless human beings. Maybe uncle Crimbo will save us? WELL FUCK YOU IF YOU BELIEVE IN HIM! I believe in the Easter bunny and both scientific fact and faith are on my side you uneducated string of *expletives*. My side is more popular than your side. Also, my dad could run faster than your dad and I can jump higher than you.

Let’s save ourselves the semantics and tear ourselves apart. We don’t need leaders to tell us how to divide and conquer ourselves. We’ll pick a fight over our favorite colors, but I don’t “believe” in colors. You’re stupid if you do.

And the boogey man is coming to get you!

And the drums of dazes march on…

“If you meet Buddha on the road, kill him” said Buddha. It was meant as a metaphoric statement not as a reversed and literal statement.

“The kingdom of heaven is within” said Jesus. We’re not supposed to destroy ourselves to follow something outside of ourselves. There’s an issue of self respect we need to bring up in ourselves.

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