The romance of life

Life is romance. Everything is romance. Romance is art waiting to be practiced.

There are many emanations of the spectrum, shades and beams of light through the leaves in this art.

Many expressions of the romance and many disciplines to the art of being human. The romance of being a living independent lifeform.

One of the most important arts that we can learn and practice is the art of gratitude. Appreciate what you have and nurture that. Expound upon that. Be thankful and practice that art every day.

You will see, with any awareness, the death of many things in the fucked up world. You’d be right to complain, in some ways the sky is falling. This is not the end of the world. Human perception tends to be easily snagged by momentum it perceives.

If you love something you can promote what it’s not is not. Practice finding your center and stepping outside your reaction and the momentum of the degradation you see.

Get to know gratitude. Make a friend of it. Invite it over for dinner. Show it a good time.

flower candle

The art of appreciation is a fundamental art in the romance of life. It’s as fundamental as passion is and shares a home close to it.

The romance is a cruel mistress to those who fail to learn it and to those who choose defeat. Especially those who have it good but choose to complain and fixate on negatives. The world would rapidly change if those people woke up and started fixating on and promoting qualities of abundance and regeneration instead.

The mistress can be cruel but means to teach us. The romance is not a given. It’s a swim upstream and there’s no guarantees. Some of our journeys have been kicked before so we know how dynamic life is.

It’s an effort to swim the river and meet good people and good things, to be bathed in brighter and warmer waters. Focus on the qualities in yourself and the qualities in others and the water will be warmer. You’ll find that when you meet others like this and work together that swimming the river is easy. The mistress will become your wisdom and your bride.

If you focus on defeatism you’re already defeated and do yourself the worst disservice because it took your effort in the romance to be who you are today. That attitude hurts the bearer of it most. In that case we’re lucky if the mistress shows up with reminders because it means that we’re not fully out of touch with the river (which is impossible but some people are far out).

So practice the art of appreciation like a weight lifter would lift weights. Make it an exercise. There is no perfect perfection in the arts, there is perfecting our arts. Your life is your sculpture and canvas.

Appreciation invites life, love and creativity into your heart and invites you to the party and the romance that is life.

So pour a glass, invite gratitude in and open the door for yourself to join the romance of life.

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