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The Two Men in Man

There are two men in every man. There is his ego, his superficial self which you come to know in waking time.

There is his soul.  This is under the surface and unspoken. Yet it does slip through in speech occasionally, in symbolic actions and timings, and the actions a man takes despite what his ego says.

If you want to know a man pay less attention to his ego and what he says. The goodness or negativity of a man is told from his soul despite proclamations he makes on the surface. It is from within that men act from. Many are unconscious of what is driving them but this does not change what is driving them.

We live in a world where many men make proclamations on the surface, all their energy is invested in force and extroverted action. This has made man into a hypocrite and something of a shell.

So a man must awaken the sleeper within. He must humble his brash surface and go within, discover his soul. There he must do clearing and atonement, depending on its nature. He must get in touch with his true self and quest to consciously act in accordance with the eternal breath that gives him life and the unconditional heart which gives him his pulse and sentience. He must strive to act with the positive aspects of his soul. He must endeavor to act in “right action”, or conscious use of will in all that he does.

In this way man does not need salvation, he walks a path that is his salvation.

A man’s path becomes him whether he is conscious of it or not.

Climbing Mountains


Day # I don’t know, of my recovery. Pushing myself, facing my body’s pains and fear. I think it’s getting there when you can do the Rocky moves in your work out. I don’t need a mountain to climb, I’ve been climbing a mountain since I was born. The mountains run away from me because they’re afraid I’m gonna eat them up in toe and heel.

It’s the journey and it can be long and lonely.

Sometimes there’s people along the way and they say, “Hey you’re so good at this can you carry my weight?”. Sometimes you help them out. Sometimes you gotta leave them in the wind.

It’s the paradox of the mountain. There’s other people on it and if you’re higher than they are and they’re asking for help, they can’t return the favor. Not today. They’ll make you feel alone as you carry their weight close to your chest. You’re not really holding them, just holding their load. They might be sitting on their ass at the bottom of the mountain. They might be higher than you but not in heart because they might forget about you when they make it.

It’s the paradox of the mountain. The more alone you are on the rugged trail and it does draw ragged beads from stung eyes, the more alone the closer you feel. In the open air, closer to everything. The more you appreciate every contact and every connection.

I’ve been climbing since I was born. There’s only one other person I respect in this world and that’s the person who’s climbing theirs too.

You can only hope that others live with the same reverence, like a spark of solidarity, but you gotta climb yours, gotta love yours.

It’s the journey, it’s the trail tailor made to the soul, fit to the soles. It’s our mountains we climb. It’s our climbs that bring us together. In the climb we find our peace, in our deepest pushes we find our harmony.

Be your best

As the younger man I worked myself with respect for the wisdom and temperance of the older man. As the older man I work myself with honor for the passion and optimism of the younger man.

My true self is who I honor. It’s who I’m most committed to. It’s who I answer to. Nothing is more motivating than knowing how dangerous self betrayal is.

It isn’t selfish. Although talk like this could be mistaken. Talk like this has a soul and narcissism does not. Talk like this scrapes, bruises, cries and struggles to “get there”. Talk like this cares about meeting one’s own greatness. Where one is already standing and awaiting oneself.

The most selfless and self sacrificing thing you can do in this messed up and confused world is honor your true self and be your absolute fucking best in it.

Be Hardcore


Be hardcore mofos! Be fucking hardcore.

Don’t be a fake because it doesn’t matter. The bullshit image you create, the face you save… the “stuff” you own that ends up owning you… it doesn’t matter. It’s all fucking bullshit.

We’re immersed in this fake culture that worships hollow narcissism. It’s a cult of image and personality out there. The world is full of actors who wouldn’t know “real” if it hit them over the head. People don’t care what power and strength, or heart and virtue are anymore. They just want the fucking idea of it! The reality scares the shit out of them.

The image is paper thin and weak as a wet bag (despite that the idiots stuck in it can’t seem to get out of it). It’s not gonna build a good bed for any of us at night. It leaves many people forlorn. Idiots don’t learn.

The only fucking thing that matters in the big bad world, and to a larger extent the universe, is the character that you create. It’s your deeds and your actions. Whether we’re honest with ourselves or not, everything is etched somewhere.

Be fucking hardcore. In whatever ways you need to be. Raise your GPA, start a website, or run that 5 miles without losing your breath. I want to see you succeed but only you can know what that means for you.

Don’t be a hopeless romantic, fighter, whatever… that’s just a protective measure of self defeatism that we tell ourselves so we don’t have to test ourselves. Be a fucking dreamer! BELIEVE! Apply yourself!

You see I’m selfish. I find most people to be boring and tedious. I want you to succeed because it inspires me when you do. There’s an undeniable quality about you when you do.

Climb that mountain, climb it hardcore.

Be Your Own Hero

1384053_1408008249432094_47111134_nBe your own hero!

Be the conviction, honor, strength, truth of what YOU believe in.

Life is real. These aren’t silly ideas, these words aren’t out of touch with the “real world”. The “real world” is largely out of touch with the pulse of reality.

The “real world”, both its grueling pursuit of owning “stuff” and its inhuman streets, and its mindlessly distracting traps = out of touch with reality.

Reality is waiting for you in your naked wilderness, tearing away your illusions and gnawed to the bone of your conviction.

It’s miles away from the bullshit we fill our lives with. From the lies we tell ourselves.

The reality is we never know how long we have. You could wake up dead tomorrow. Then the question is how honest are you in this moment right now?

How in touch with yourself are you right now?

How aware of the moment are you?

Be thankful for your reminders.

When we complain about life being tough and painful we’re dipping our toes in the water. It’s a waste of time to keep doing that over and over. That’s why we complain out of frustration, not because the water is cold but because we feel stuck at the water’s edge.

We must each find the will in ourselves to plunge into that water or walk away and find another place to chart our paths. When you find that strength, whatever you choose with it and whatever direction you go, you’ll find true freedom.

Challenge Yourself

How to get in the best shape? Push yourself until you break. We tend to have artificial and unnatural views toward ourselves. We want the light but fear the darkness. We fear our fears, our weaknesses, our wounds, the idea that we’re not totally in control.

Life has to be loud noise all the time for the ego, it fears silence. It fears the valleys to the peaks so the music it creates ends up being white noise.

The common ego is unappreciative of life itself. You can hate life with the love, you can yell at life sometimes. That’s not the point. The point is being appreciative of life and its wholeness. Not a fucking detached egotistic head that has an alienating view toward its own beingness.

We have so much freedom and capability that we don’t realize. The secret to developing individual strength is humbleness and gratitude. It’s having the sober mind to be aware of your limitations and conditions and still pushing yourself. It’s overcoming the futility of doubt and fatalistic thinking.

It’s not facing our darkness or weaknesses that is wrong or bad, it’s the idiotic fatalistic thinking that we see our weaknesses with. It’s the uppity up our own egotistic assholes stigma that we view certain parts of ourselves with. We’re not humans in this capacity. We’re narcissistic machines that would betray and murder our humanity for that insentient, mechanical narcissism.

The reality is it doesn’t matter what kind of shape you’re in or what you look like. It doesn’t even matter what you think you look like. It’s knowing you have the power to face the limitations and doubts. You might fall but that’s ok. We can’t grow unless we know our limits and as long as we’re alive we can keep getting up.

It’s courageously facing the unknown in yourself and break down of those walls. You may find weaknesses along the way. That can be scary but it’s the only way to discover your strength.

So the secret to getting in the best shape in mind and body is not a special work out or something seen on TV. It’s realizing that the best “shape” is already within you. Only you can discover it. Only you’ll know if you’re testing yourself.

The ego creates many layers and illusions to protect itself. It seems logical yet is counter intuitive to the process of true strength-shedding illusions… Finding real strength depends upon how far one is willing to push their self and build up in the fierceness of sobriety. We grow from where we are not from where we’re not. You might be in a good place. How are you going to know unless you work through the illusions and walls?

Humble, not humiliate. Humiliation creates embarrassment and walls of avoidance. Often we hold guilt that has no connection to reality and it must be shed.

It’s about pushing your limits (whatever yours are) and not being afraid to break yourself. You’re not working toward a “shape” but shedding limitations and realizing what’s within. Everyone has that ground to discover in themselves in some way.

What you discover and what emerges is going to be mightier for you than any heroes. You have potential in yourself otherwise you wouldn’t be able to relate to what inspires you.

The “self test” is personal but there are basics.

  • Push your body until you shake.
  • Seek out new information to challenge your comprehension and bias.
  • Look within yourself with honesty until the feeling is unbearable.

It’s about awakening your hunger to grow. The lover and fighter are two sides of a coin.

No matter how mighty you get it’s love that’s building you up. Every true warrior keeps this in mind. Even the Earth is feeding you oxygen right now. There’s many things that contribute. There’s no such thing as a damn loner. The idea that anyone does anything totally alone is a self masturbating myth. It’s is the individual will that puts the work in PLUS the myriad of conditions that get oneself to where one is. It’s BOTH.

Strength is knowing you have vulnerabilities and still pushing forward. It’s wrestling the impossible. It’s what rises when you confront your limitations without fear but for passion of your path.

It’s not about the mind or body. It’s about your spirit.

Dsc00104 It’s awaiting us in our tests of mind, heart and body.

When you awaken you will meet it, and every moment is that moment.

May we each ascend our mountains (of our individual goals, which also is a transpersonal and collective mountain),

Sol Phire

Love vs. The Cold


Barefoot Earthing on chilly nights, tis the way to clear the head.

Men should strive for clear heads ruled by higher centers and warm hearts fearless in all weather. Men should strive to be men… Quotes about strength? I have a million, only because I’ve lived every line.

Nature is receptive, even nurturing of us, we imprint it with positive and negative perceptions.

There’s a lot of animals out there though. The human interpersonal biosphere can be colder than mother nature’s coldest night. So keep your head out of negative games, keep your heart close, and let no one step on the throne of your spirit-soul. You’re better than that. I’m better than that. We all are.

Sometimes it takes a cold night, wind rushing through your spirit, the Earth embracing your soles in love… to remind us of that.



The message today? Be safe, be warm. Conscious love takes care.

Connection and communication with other sentient beings in the cold void of space is a gift not a guarantee. To be sentient in the touching and interacting with the hearts of others is conscious love. The black is mighty cold out there. Take anyone and anything for granted at your peril. Especially your own heart and self respect.

DSC00027 edit


The first relationship you have with the opposite sex is with your own opposite side. So when we treat or mistreat each other we show that relationship off in its beauty and dysfunction.

Spiritually in romance there is nothing more sacred than that opposite part of yourself, your “other side”. Your feminine side love if you are a man or masculine side love if you are a woman.


To share it is sacred. It is love for you to share, given to you by your own soul, your other half of divine spark.

The sharing of that love should be celebrated and we should be conscious in the way we treat those we love. This is not often the case in our world. We give our own sacred love away or mistreat the love of others, because we are not conscious of what we’re playing with. What we’re playing with is the stuff of creation.

So today may we all face the mirror. May we face and take responsibility for the ways we do not respect the love in ourselves and in others.

We should strive to be men and women of impeccable hearts and pay it forward in the destiny of love with cherishing all love we are fortunate to know and experience.

Feline Teachers

Those are some playful cats! I bet there’s a part of your soul that wishes it could jump in that pile and roll around, even if your brain is telling you it would be dangerous. It probably would be dangerous unless you were really grounded and good at talking with animals.

They are magnificent though. Feline energy is a powerful force on this Earth. It’s fierce yet very in touch with the heart. It’s independent yet affectionate.

Why can’t we all get along like this?

Maybe because a lot of people’s consciousness is held in/run by their reptilian brains not their limbic brains? Maybe every shock and trauma in the world upon the masses, repeated in the media… maybe because the way we are raised in our modern world strips away self identity, self reliance and self security.

If you pay attention to the world out there you’ve probably noticed how dark it is. It’s almost as if human consciousness is racing backwards. People work themselves to the ground for material things. People fight, manipulate and kill each other for basic security. People believe in “the dream” and look up to leaders who are more cut throat than they are.

Buttons are easily pushed, triggers are easily triggered. Egos salivate at the mouth to speak without listening. Every news story presents an opportunity to exercise dualistic “black vs. white” thinking. We’re divided in of ourselves and have become petty minded like walking piles of conflict and division. You might say we are losing both spirit and soul.

The limbic/monkey brain is higher than the reptilian brain yet it’s still the animal brain and we have a difficult time connecting with it. We’re being reduced to machines. Many people believe that you aren’t successful unless you are making a certain amount of money, have a certain size house or aren’t famous. Success is too little judged by walking one’s self authentic path, the development of self awareness, by virtue of deeds done, by what brings joy and growth to the individual or what contributes something constructive to society. Often success is judged by how much shiny empty nothingness one can attain while destroying as much of their self and others as possible.

This has lead us to a collective state of ennui and emptiness. Without true fulfillment of the spirit and soul our souls are starving, driving us to become more cold and mechanical. Especially since in our modern rat race many people idealize the snake/eagle “alpha” predator prototype, for reasons including emulation of psychopaths (power and material wealth at any cost) and ancient patterns repeating in human hosts (having to do with a disconnection from the heart in favor of material based intellect). See: the eagle and the condor

We as a species greatly see power in cold blooded viciousness and manipulation. We need to remember that there is power in warm blooded playfulness and empathy. One is a spiritual path that leads to growth and expansion, one is an anti-spiritual path that leads to a reduction and loss of spirit. We live in times where many peoples’ spirits are asleep or they’re willfully denying their spirits-the massive amount of self revelation and worldly truth that their awakening spirits would shine upon for their tenacious egos to cope with.

The spirit thrives in unfettered playfulness and honesty. Both allow the inner fire within us to come alive, to come out and to expand in creative ways. In our world we face much resistance against the inner fire. It is repressed and traumatized (beginning with male circumcision, also before birth), and comes out in warped and destructive ways. We are the elves from Lord of the Rings that are being perverted into orcs.

The feline is again a very potent teacher both in real life and symbolically, especially where human consciousness is currently stuck at. Animals can be greatly helpful to us in our struggle. Especially those playful cats that call out to the primordial parts of our Earthly souls. It’s very important to connect with the playful parts of ourselves, which also of course connect us with our inner children and the mother. The literal mother, mother Earth, the universal Mother and the feminine energy of animation and regeneration.

The feline manages to pull off the top predator thing whilst being warm blooded/playful/cuddly/loving too. They also rough around without hurting each other. Those big furry predators can teach us a lot about warmth and affection, about independence and boundaries, even self reliance as they leap into and walk branches with ease. There are many reminders we can gain from cats besides that they are cute and fun to watch! They make you want to go play in the grass until you collapse in a warm cuddly pile.

Felines (also canines-which are from wolves, another animal that knows how to play and show warmth) show more empathy than some people! This doesn’t mean that animals are more compassionate than people. It means that human beings have been reduced in spirit and heart. It means that we can awaken again if we heed spirit, warmth and courage.

Maybe these animals can help us all remember something that human souls often lack in our vain/hyper idealized soundbites/colorful shiny touch screen world. Something to do with the warmth and genuineness of being. Maybe just remember that we’re human beings and that there is no pain, fear or stress that has the power to strip our beingness from us or scare us away from being.

We spend enough time in the dead and dark parts of our minds already. What about the spirit, what about the living breathe within each being, within each moment?

Then again this is speculation, maybe I read too much into cats and cuddling *smile face*


Love? Love is a battlefield, but not the way you think it is… The real battles begin after we get past the dramas, betrayals and heartbreaks of petty makings and smaller minds.

There’s a machine out there that wants to destroy our souls. Love is when you remember how “God”,”Goddess”, source or whatever have you feels about you. How loved you are, encouraged and embraced. It’s when you spark it within yourself. It’s when you remind someone else. It’s when you feel it on all levels of being and you come alive. And you’re the night, and you’re the day, and you face the annihilating greyness. It’s chased away by a flicker and flight. You don’t have to move mountains because you are the mountain too and the sun that burns above it.

Love says, “I want you remember all that you are, fully. I want you to have a reunion with your dreams.” and the muse whispers so sweetly, “You muse me.”

Love? You can enter into someone’s life loving who they are with emphatic belief, as if from the heart and core of being, or you can enter someone’s life never really seeing them but with the intention to change them to fulfill your needs. One road leads to happiness, the other leads to ruin.

Maybe instead of wanting someone to be everything we deserve, we should wish for someone we love, adore and deeply believe in. So much that you only want them to be more of who they are. We’ll know what it means when someone becomes mythic in our minds but reminds us of how great we are, in our hearts.

It’s not putting the self aside, it’s loving the other as much as you love yourself. There is happiness in helping them reach and be that. When you both do it for each other you become like stars ever radiance. It’s a power when two people want each other to fulfill their own needs, to realize their own being, to reach their own potential. Like ever flowing stars in the ambrosiac night.

Love is alive. We’re just wasting too much of our love on people who aren’t really part of our lives, on faces on tv screens and empty things. Love is there when we befriend the people we want to be and find the hero within each. Love is alive when we find our meaning, and we’re the heroes. We’re the gods and goddesses. We’re the kings and queens. We’re the beggars and vagabonds. Tales sung around a fire, epics inspired. You and I.

Hold me and remind me how mighty I am. The numbing drums have taken their tolls on my sensitivity, my sentient high wire act and I forgot to feel my soles. We’re all just numbers not names in the grey cloud machine. We’re gutted and emptied, strung along to external idols. Let’s stoke a fire in each other. I can look into your eyes and I’ll hold your beauty in my heart. Emphasis will be interchangeable in the fiery kiln of empathy. Our loyalty will be to each other’s very best potential reached in life and across all planes of existence, vibrating beyond colors. Set free to adore. We’ll gaze at each other’s multi dimensional dance with the eye of awe and dizzying enamor. Send a static charge through your skin and we’ll remember how hairs feel when they stand on edge. We’ll be like warriors of a song dipping from dark to light. We’ll all be strength of the spirit, interchangeable yet undeniably unique. We’ll spark it within ourselves, we’ll find it in each other. You and I.

I asked true love, “What’s your favorite position?” and it said to me, “Side by side,”

How will you carry the grand story into the next moment of your life?