DISCLAIMER: This is called creatively coping. My writing reflects some pains and how I’ve dealt with healing. It has beauty yet is turbulent too. I am what I am. I create what I create. I speak my truths. Which is ever relevant yet ever changing too as life is. Nothing is totally static. My feet grounded, aware, what do I need from where I stand, what is true to me? That’s the question. I’ve found my peace with my writing.

Hey kids if you can sit alone and entertain yourself for hours don’t look down upon that, don’t shy away from that. It’s a great ability, a talent in the making. Indulge in it, test it, exercise it, hone it to use.

Some people have called my creativity too “this” and some have told me to write differently. It’s not my job. My landscapes are filled with my words. I don’t give a care if that offends anyone, if they think it’s about them, if they don’t agree with it, if they have differences of opinion or any nonsense that stems from entitlement minds and gutless hearts. Stow your ego, stop trying to dictate others who have sweat and bled to develop theirs. Go develop your own abilities. You probably have something to develop somewhere inside, when you’re ready, do it for yourself.

To those who have, to those with weather on their faces and scars, I salute you. To anyone who has pushed their self forward for the better and stuck to it.

One’s personal experiences and grounding is just that. Expressing the good can simply mean exercising your moral compass and helping that neighbor shovel their car out. Letting it shine is all. Many beings have tried to claim that they are “God” and pranced their little tyrants about yet “God/dess”/the absolute would not do this. All that you see is also within you. You are the virtue that you seek. The universe is complex and this is simple. Expression, whether that be art or a sport, or whatever. Learning to deal with our limitations, wounds, and differences is part of this world. Individuality is a part of the experience here.

Yes it is true the inner world projects to the outer world, and I hope that my writing is enjoyable because a writer takes a great responsibility upon their self when writing and then asking others to go along for the ride. It’s a dedication with only room for deep regard and respect for the art and the audience. I love what I do. If you love what I do then thanks for reading. If you don’t then go find something you love.


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