How a man regards nature he regards the nature in himself. This does not make a man weak like so many men fear in their fight to be men. It takes strength to within regard the nature of life.

Tree dreams

Trees do so much for us. They give us air, they clean the air, they till the soil, they hold the soil, they give building material, they give home to so many forms of life, they give us beauty… They allow us to dream, to climb and play…

They do so much for us so why the compulsion to cut them down and create barren spaces? You buy the grass seed, plant the lawn, add fertilizers, cut the lawn, mow the lawn. All that work to maintain a lawn. The lawn is one step from a flat of dirt. I get wanting a yard but the clear cutting has become common, like it’s not a personal aesthetic but a compulsion. Cookie cutter houses with wide open lawns. We have all these trees and this wonderful natural environment and it’s, “I want to make it look like I live in the city”. It’s crazy as it is sad.

What happened to the human soul? That’s the question. With things so homogenized in our world, what happened to the human soul? Did we forget to care about the nature within as the nature without?

There is no comparing being amongst trees to a barren environment. You get a feeling amongst them. Each one tells a story. They carry essence. They allow it to flow. You walk into a bunch of trees but carry into the forest.

Practically they scrub the atmosphere. They’re alive and hold many lifeforms and memories in them.

I could see the need to cut down trees sometimes, do what you want with your lawn. I’m still gonna write about my love for the trees. I got a question too. Is acting without feeling or consciousness how we’ve allowed ourselves to be conditioned to perceive life? We covet the new cell phone but forget to mind our own souls. What is genuine, what is real. It’s the rug being pulled from under our feet.

This isn’t progress. We’ve gone backwards. Everyone shows the wear and tear of it. It’s difficult to fight life because we’re born to live. It’s what life does. It lives, grows, learns, and plays.

There’s a sensual connection to find between the “me” and the trees. Self intimacy to brave. When we turn off from self intimacy every other despair follows. Nature is here to help. The trees are here to help us. Even your pets are here to help you.

tree dance

It can be scary to be so intimate, especially in a positive way, to recognize the beauty in the world. It contrasts the dulled and diluted modern world we’ve been lulled into. It contrasts it so much it can be painful to see what we’ve done to ourselves and allowed to be done to our world. If we can survive that pain and sadness there’s beauty to be found though.

The pulse of life keeps on breathing in every living thing.

The denial of our intimacy creates shells around our pains and suffering. The question is not about fear but what does fear protect? What holds us back and drains us as we misguidedly believe we’re protecting life with fear? Life is strengthened by living it. The inner nature of man doesn’t need protection from the open air it needs immersion in it. Those who immerse honestly and nakedly may witness the beauty.

Many people have those moments yet many are eager to move past. It takes a gaze to stare those moments down and let them in. There is a surrender involved of the little “me”. The “me” that believes it’s in control of everything. We go to great lengths to avoid that realization. We give the reigns to false deities and dictators before letting go. We can’t be told that there’s more to life though, it can’t be forced upon us. It can be let in.

The truth is some of us are addicted to suffering, stress and pain. We use it to cover up our depths of intimacy so we don’t have to experience it (even if it’s enjoyable).

To face ourselves is akin to leaving the village and every fear has been cast beyond its walls. It is not a matter of strength, it is choice. Strength is developed through necessity. Everyone can strive to act in awareness, to allow their healing, because beyond the walls is also the forest. Full of living lush verdant trees.

Apart from stagnant plastic frozen in space beats the living heart. Flows forth the stuff of life force that animates the matter. The wonderful trees. The pinnacles of spirit’s expression through you and me. It’s a miracle to be here and if you don’t believe me go talk to one of those trees. They’ve seen many a “me” walk the Earth.

There’s a lot of beauty to be seen if we let ourselves open our eyes and breathe. Maybe the problem is thinking that matter has to look and mold into a certain way, instead of letting the forms become their selves. Maybe the problem is that we’re so conceited and closed off that they believe we know what perfection is. Maybe we’ve forgotten what beauty is but have been mislead to believe that we know what it is.

The more we attempt to destroy and control it the more we destroy our inner natures. We’re free to mindlessly destroy if we choose to. We do not escape from nature by doing so though. It’s all a self reflective act in the sea. It is not possible to totally separate from the sea. We give ourselves stagnancy when we attack the nature within and without. We break ourselves working and fighting the very air we breathe to attain perfection that we think we know.

There’s already perfection at work in the world, in the universe, to be witness. Even in the patch of wild growth. The trees, moss and insects all growing with the natural flow.

“Who am I?” is the question. Nature gives us a beautiful environment to discover that question. It gives us an environment to reflect. To feel alive and face what we must face. To feel alert and scream like a roar of thunder or feel at ease and sing our hearts like a soothing breeze.

It’s up to us to be strong enough to let go of compulsively controlling “me”. Let go to the beauty within and without, ever re-generating. It has everything to teach us if we listen.

It’s never too late to regain our footing in life alive. Breathe it in deeply and be so filled like a flower in blossom.

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