Welcome to Inner Reckonings. A philosophy and prose exploration of human beingness. My human beingness and yours.

My name is Sol. I was raised by love and by the dogs who made sure I had a clean face. Life has always interested me from mossy rocks to galaxies in motion. I have also faced tremendous pain and trauma in this life (see my main website for poems about the struggles and hopes).

The icy glaze of the wintry night looks beautiful in the sheen of the morning sun. Everything regrows. I heard a beat and haven’t looked back.

I spent a lifetime in a lifetime teaching myself. Life has embraced me, through every idea, every adventure. She’s rained cold snow on me but has never criticized me for being me. We all are, remembering, on our feet.

Life can feel tough. There are amazing things to witness if you take a breath. I like slapping the waters and seeing us take those breaths. We all look better captaining our ships. It’s a vast sea out there, a living universe. It’s a deep sea within… if you’re brave. Really brave. These words are to the point but they aren’t dogma. These words are talking sober, intense.

If one wants to sail the sea then one must regain their vision. I’ll be your navigator through these pages but you can captain your own ship.

We’re all children of the cosmic sea. Each an observer and participant. One foot anchored and one hand splashing… or maybe floating with the waves… The sea loves to be played and splashed in.

The Earth has trees to climb. Not so we wall ourselves in boxes while we attend our limited visions to smaller boxes of irradiating touch pad screens. The Earth has oxygen to breathe. No tree ever said, “Human feel guilty for being alive and count the amount of CO2 you exhale”.

It’s anyone’s responsibility to awaken from a murky sleep once they realize it’s possible, from our slumbers deep at the bottom of the sea.

It’s time to listen to our intuitions and inner guidance. Time to give our inner waters a splash. Time to ride the waves where awareness surges and possibility percolates. We’ll remember how to swim. To trust inner guidance. To ask all the questions.

You breathe oxygen and eat food to sustain your body. Truth is oxygen for the spirit. This is witnessed by how honest, open, and forthcoming you are with yourself. Let’s do ourselves justice in how honestly we breathe. Communication is done justice by how honestly we communicate.

So let’s intently splash the stagnant waters and soothe the tumultuous seas.

This blog offers part of the picture. It may help you add to yours. It is shared under the agreement of mutuality that you: take what you need/leave what you don’t, add to what you know, share what you know.

All original writing, pictures and presentations are copyright of JR – Sol Ph1re webmaster at realitymeetsdream dot com