The Hypocrisy of Remaking Old Movies

What I don’t understand with all the remakes, rehashes, retcons is if you have such a great new idea for a movie/show why not make your own?

There’s always the excuse of “We need progress and to keep things fresh with XYZ franchise!”… First who is “we”? Next don’t get me started on how movie/show series are turned into soulless franchises that must be kept going. Sort of like how politicians say the banks are “too big to fail” regardless if corrupt and having a negative effect on the economy, they need to be kept going.

It’s an empty and hypocritical statement to claim the need for progress and change to defend the rehashing of old movies/shows.

When old movie XYZ and show ABC was a powerful cultural phenomenon and people were lining up to watch it, it wasn’t because it was a remake of anything. Maybe an amalgam of the creator’s inspirations yet not a direct remake of anything.

Yes we do need new ideas and there always be change in the arts and media. It’s not new or innovative to keep drudging up old properties and making fun of them/mocking the fans, altering if not destroying said properties, yet relying on brand recognition to draw people to it.

Of course it’s all about profit, rights issues, and hoarding these properties so a few people have control over the direction of them. If it was about art and being a true creator there would be more original content hitting the mainstream. Comic book movies don’t count because they’re made from comics. What about fully original movies that reach the status of old property XYZ? What happened to those? There’s no profit in that.

So we get a faux image of “new and innovative” in remakes. Nothing really new and that feeds the soul. Actually these remakes feed off of our souls and memories. They use our fond memories to trick us into thinking we’re watching something as fulfilling and good as what those memories are about. They’re not adding new and positive memories that will be remembered and celebrated for generations.

Sometimes “new idea” doesn’t fit old property XYZ and to shoehorn it in does a disservice to both the new ideas and old property.

This points to a bigger problem with our culture, with the state of human consciousness itself. That is how much we humans are inclined to play the crusaders who want to change and fight “what is”.

We like to feel indignant that things are “this” way, we like to feel insulted and go on crusades to change things to “that” way.

It seems “we” are greatly losing the ability to simply appreciate things as they are. To realize that if we like those things we appreciate we can certainly join with the flow of those things and add to them. We can even create our own new amalgams of those things, maybe that even surpass the sum of the parts… or maybe we don’t like those things. Maybe we like different things and need to find different things to tune into and contribute our energy to.

We exist in such a collective world of white noise stasis. Waves canceling each other out by fighting instead of using their potential to grow into tidal waves of greatness. Energies and wills fighting against each other. To convince each other, convert each other, step on the other “side” and assimilate them to “our” way.

That’s what’s regressing and destroying us on many fronts. Culture, arts, media, politics.

All the useless fighting and people trying to change “what is” into their image. People striving to violate each other’s free will as if it’s a virtue. As if we’re that petty and can’t see the stagnation we bring upon ourselves.

Short sighted motives will never be able to see the prisons they create for themselves.

The sad thing is it’s easy to step out of this loop, of the ouroboros eating itself. Of going nowhere and locking ourselves in meaningless loops and stasis.

It’s as easy as self awareness. Which we cast aside every time we rationalize the corruption and self destructive nature of our collective inertia. It’s easy to cast self awareness aside and be a hypocrite.

My goodness, the true innovators of today are innovators in consciousness. It’s those who choose the humble reality checks of self awareness. Sobriety-boring and stoic, not drunken recklessness, is the new rebelliousness.

The destruction of culture is our fault

What’s destroying the progress, or even any unique markers, in human culture in America? Why is it stagnant? Is it all the fault of external factors like psychopaths ruining human institutions? Is it all the fault of unseen and quasi-mystical factors like aliens or demons? Is it all caused by deterministic fate in the material world?

Then again, maybe our egos are to blame. Maybe self indignation is to blame, everyone who gets worked up when their “side” or sports team is criticized.

This happens on social media all the time with politics. Someone will criticize the extreme political left/right for obvious destructive and absurd tendencies… Then some self righteous indignant asshole will take offense at that.

Our egos left in their base states, not kept in self-aware check or pushed to evolve, are very tribal. We identify and associate with sides/groups/banners/causes. When those banners are criticized, we too often get indignant.

We protect the worst and ugliest aspects of our “side” or our “group” rather than see the obvious flaws in these ugly elements. Rather than see how the extreme and ugly elements of our associated “side” is actually working against us!

We get indignant and defend the worst.

Now I’m not saying there aren’t forces of regression working against human culture and consciousness. Not saying they’re aren’t outright attacks against the positive elements of society-all aspects of it be it art, media, politics, business, religion and spirituality.

There are those attacks. With politics, there are attacks on the true spirit of liberalism and conservatism, which should upset us all.

Even if you’re a political liberal, and if you’re pro-human conscious and cultural growth, you should be as upset when the true spirit of conservatism is attacked as if the spirit of true liberalism is being attacked. You should be critical of the extreme absurd and ugly elements in the political left that only seek chaos and destruction.

The same goes for you if you’re politically conservative and vice versa.

The same goes for anything! If you work in an industry and you do your best to bring meaning to your work, to do your chosen path and industry justice… You should be able to call out and hold accountable those in your industry who are fakes and giving your industry a bad name. You shouldn’t be attacking the casual bystanders who criticize the fakes/ugliness in your industry. You should be calling those fakes out yourself because they bring down the integrity of everything!

Our egos are the strongest nodes in the destruction of human culture and civilization.

It’s our egos that fall into a tribal minded state, that associate/align with tribalism and one’s “side” that are fueling the destruction of civilization and the stagnation of culture.

It’s all about what we choose to align with in ourselves. Is it merely a “side”, a banner face of our favorite sports team?

Is it rather consciousness itself? Is it integrity regardless of the “side” or tribal association?

Our “tribe” should be the integrity of consciousness itself, it should be truth, it should be substance with meaning.

The second we snap to retaliate with indignant words against anyone and anything that challenges even the most superficial and fake aspects of our “side”, group, affiliation… is when we lose.

It’s one thing to defend against outright attack against something you invest your identity in and care about. It’s another to be so egotistically sensitive that you react against any perceived slight with indignation and by playing “devil’s advocate” for the worst of what or who you affiliate with.

It’s all about sense of honor. Where does our sense of honor reside? Is it for truth and integrity itself, to the extent that we strive to keep even ourselves in check? Is it for superficial egotism that simply turns into a rabid dog without self awareness when one’s “side” is questioned?

It’s not even about “sides”. When we are drawn to “this and that” we should be striving to do justice to and honor the integrity of “this and that”. If you believe in “this and that” then strive to live in a way that shows it, and understand that the other person’s “this and that” may not be your “this and that” yet is just as necessary in the wholeness of civilization.

Our “this and that” don’t have to be at war with each other like false dualities. False dualities and manufactured conflicts appeal to the lower ego. They appeal to our lower selves that want to indulge in tribalism and self destructive conflict.

Where is culture going? Go look at social media and all the people getting indignant because someone criticized the extreme ugliness/hypocrisy/corruption/negativity of their “side”. Culture is stagnant because its growth is being fought on many fronts. Not the least of which is us when we fight against positive/useful criticism and critical awareness of the corruption in our world (when the corruption happens to be on the “side” we identify with).

My goodness fellow waking egos, develop a better sense of self than that! Develop a true sense of individuality that doesn’t rely on gaining sense of identity from a sports team or politician.

The corrupt elements of any “side” or group are not anyone’s friend! Those corrupt elements are the true dissidents, only out for themselves and working against the integrity and cohesion of not just our “side” but of the whole. Of everyone, of culture itself.

Our own egos are the enemies when we refuse to see this and would rather make excuses and rationalizations for the corruption, because our egos take it personally when our “side” is questioned.

The unhealthy ego is so insecure it has no identity of its own, no foundation to stand on. All structures are built upon foundations. If we’re turning into a world that doesn’t have strong inner foundations, culture has nothing to stand on.

Another way to look at what is happening in our collective world is narcissism. Narcissists also have a strange superiority/inferiority complex where they (their “side”) can not be criticized because it is godly and perfect, yet the imperfections they can not deny are explained away with rationalizations (it’s never the narcissist’s fault when they do wrong).

Our increasing state of collective narcissism is our stagnation. Narcissism is to fight the flow of consciousness itself because it refuses to be questioned, challenged, or upset.

We only grow as sentient beings when we have the courage to question and challenge ourselves. So that our hearts, minds, and consciousnesses develop. Strong senses of self identity and independent thought.

Without that useful agitation we only find stagnation. Stagnation is what we fight for when we get indignant about the corruption of something we identify with getting brought to light.

The false self, the unhealthy and narcissistic ego fears and hates the light (of inner awakening, of consciousness, of truth). It will do everything to suppress that light except in the narrow spectrum where it is allowed to shine and be seen as godly. Narcissism is fundamentally a denial of the inner/true self, it is a running from the soul and “higher self” (which is also one’s future and highest evolved self).

The war against human culture and civilization begins within us. The destruction wins every time we capitulate to and feed the false self. The growth of consciousness and soul wins every time we choose the sobering light of self awareness. Sometimes that light is pangful, sometimes it’s blissful, it’s many different states of being and experience. It’s called truly being alive in the most fundamental ways, within.

The narcissist of course tries to mimic that liveliness with superficiality and extreme externalization however narcissism seeks death and numbing of the true self, and creates a culture of death.

The spirited person seeks a spirited awareness, to truly be alive. The courageous heart will refuse to shy away from challenges risen up with the light of self awareness, even when the ego itself is challenged because they know the ego is not the inner self. The ego can be built in healthy or unhealthy way.

If we want to see human culture and civilization thrive we all have a responsibility that begins within. It begins not with “doing” anything, rather with realizing where these battles fundamentally begin and always striving to remember.

It’s easy to get swept up in the winds of mainstream media, social media, and other influences over collective (un)consciousness. It’s easy to fall into narcissism, tribalism, and other traps of the lower self. We have to remember that’s not where our true selves reside. Our true selves do not reside in the media’s slant on reality. Our true selves were not born and created by the group or tribe.

We need to remember to have pride in ourselves. The group or “side” you chose did not suffer with you through your most trying personal challenges. It did not love you and care for you… If you’re a survivor it means that YOU did the work. You owe nothing to any group or “side” or external monstrosity of an institution or mindless collective phenomenon.

Ie. and since the “Avengers” movie is so popular now. Telling people they should like that comic book movie because it made a lot of money is sycophantic without any pride in oneself. I’ve seen responses like that a lot to any dislike of mainstream phenomenons. You don’t have to be harshly critical of something the herd currently favors above its own livelihood and existence, simply not going along with it will get weird defensive reactions from the mindless shells in it.

We must remember that anyone can wake up. We are not the brands/labels we wear, we are not our political “sides”, we are not the groups and cliques our egos associate with.

Some people have more work to do than others in waking up and reversing the force of narcissism which fights the natural flow and growth of self awareness. Of consciousness. Of the soul.

The work begins within.

Candida Auris, Paul Stamets, and Balance vs. Imbalance

The issue here is a much bigger one than the scare of the week, and we all can learn from it.

It’s a very simple issue with exponential implications.

Now we can certainly point out on this planet how microbes are carelessly misused, treated, and even used in a destructive way in weaponry. This carelessness would include the over use of anti-microbial drugs. This would all fall under the umbrella of a negative relationship with said microbes.

Then there’s some like Paul Stamets , who has a much more positive and conscious relationship with fungus.

If anything destroys us it will be our negative/darkened awareness/ignorant relationship with ourselves and the world around us. If anything saves us it will be developing a healthier, more conscious and whole minded, relationship with ourselves and world.

Call it a whole minded, soul integrated approach to reality vs. a psychopathic, false narcissistic self serving, fractured approach.

Unfortunately the psychopaths are winning and infecting the rest of the human race with their dysfunctional mind. Which is fractured and unable to see other perspectives-the full range of consciousness, and extremely destructive.

This is seen in modern political social diatribe. People are turning into tribal minded primitives out to get the other side of the false divide. We’re taught to divide ourselves in of ourselves. To harbor negative/hateful/fearful relationships in of ourselves with any and all aspects of our own beings and the world around us.

The unhealthy ego loves it because it gains a sense of individuality from this self fracturing and limiting. Individuality gained through the negative mind and reduction of consciousness. Through self limitation.

There’s a lot to learn from communal entities like fungi. Certainly the times are so crazy that even using a word like “communal” and pointing to the communal relationship of another organism, merely to study, will trigger the political left/right paradigm in some. Surely this post must be promoting communism… I’ve seen insane leaps of ill-logic made by the political left/right over less.

If your mind isn’t colonized by that bullshit and you aren’t triggered by words, then you should know there is a world out there, in nature, waiting to teach you about… itself, yourself.

It’s very important to study how nature works and maintains its balance. There’s nothing more dangerous, not even what the gloomiest conspiracy theory can conjure, than a human ego that is like an alien unto itself. The person disconnected from their own beingness stirs all manner of destruction and suffering. They will do it believing that what they’re doing is righteous (subjective thinking allows us to believe anything is good, right or wrong). That they have to save us from our souls, our stability and be as lost and fractured as they are.

The virulent psychopath is like a virulent strain of bacteria that has gotten out of control and imbalances the ecosystem. We’re so collectively and spiritually asleep, lethargic, disconnected from our true selves that this imbalance has taken place.

The thing is it’s not really anyone’s fault. We’re conditioned to be this way, our ancestors were conditioned. The only hope we have is getting in touch with ourselves, back down to our better senses again.

That’s why developing a healthy, positive, accepting-embracing rather than negative and negating relationship with nature is important. It’s not just about nature and whatever it is you’re studying and meditating on. It’s about re-training your mind toward a positive relationship with yourself, with others, with creation. One that allows expansion of consciousness and growth of soul. Not the bolstering of the false self and materialism at the cost of soul and consciousness.

No easy way

Most people when it comes to expanding their ideas of health and healing = “That can’t work! My doctor says it can’t! Look at all these articles proving my point”

Then they get sick with something terrible and all the sudden will try anything.

Facing a crisis is the fastest way to erode the ego. A human being can go from conceited to humble and open minded in a heartbeat.

Most of the time, the common ego exists in a state of sort of petulance. A sort of conceit that filters everything a certain way. The innocence and openness of being is left far behind. This doesn’t mean the average ego is less naive than a child. Naivety and denial actually become stronger as a person galvanizes in that ego, and yet the openness to learn and grow (be challenged at a fundamental level without fear) is lost.

The funniest thing about people who use the straw man of, “You’re looking for a miracle cure!” to shoot down alternative healing modalities is that allopathic medicine and the common material reductionist mindset is completely monotone. It’s completely focused on magic bullets and one size fits all cures.

The weakened mind looks for one size fits all answers. There’s no such thing though. The pharmaceutical industry thrives off of this tunnel vision thinking though.

I’ve found it’s the same people who will criticize others for practicing preventative care and health building techniques are the same ones who just want a pill when they get sick.

Then they’re taking dozens of pills, but in their minds nothing they’re doing is abnormal. Even if it’s sickening them.

That stubborn wall of ego is the last thing to crack in many people.

The thing is any good healer is not going to claim magic one size fits all cures for anything.

I’ve been through a lot, healed myself through a lot, and have helped many people just by sharing what I’ve learned in their times of need. I don’t hate allopathic medicine. I think there’s an imbalance toward it, and an immature mockery/denial of any alternatives in some people.

Healing is not about magic cures. It’s about having a mature fucking state of mind so that one is willing to do what one needs to heal their self. That can mean prescription medication in some cases, but often means exploring other modalities too.

It’s never just one thing though. Life is not just one thing. Your body is a combination of many different cells, energies, and functions.

A combination of healing techniques that work for one ailment might not work for another.

Life is music. It’s a synthesis of many things. Realize that because if you don’t you’re gonna keep clanging monotone notes over and over. Often in a false dualiistic conflict with some other “side” that threatens the numbing noise.

The body is music. Healing is music. It’s learning to get in touch with your natural rhythms, and learning the right combination of modalities and techniques that work for you.

Fuck what everyone else thinks. They want to dictate your bed because they’re petulant toddlers whose egos tempt the universe for a smack in the face wake up every time they open their mouths. They don’t have to sleep in your bed. If you have cancer they’re not gonna die of cancer if you fail to listen to your body and do everything you can do to heal yourself. If you have an auto-immune disease they don’t have to live with your pain every time the conventional treatments fail (but add more toxicity to your body) and the doctors say they don’t know what’s wrong.

All the people who want to tell you how to be and how to live don’t have to suffer the consequences of your experience. Do you see how selfish that is? Normally we can be selfish assholes in these lives with our own bodies, but we end up paying the consequences for our thinking and behaviors. In telling others how to live and what to do, the selfish asshole ego believes it can be a selfish asshole without consequence because the other person has to suffer the consequence. Don’t let that happen to you. Don’t be a victim of other peoples’ negative and unconscious aggression.

Most mocking toddlers turn into cry babies when they face a crisis. I find the best revenge is to educate them, because now they look at the world differently. They may survive but they can’t go back to their little bubble of understanding. Educate them into a world of awareness and knowledge. Now they have to survive with a greater sense of awareness, of both of the goodness and the BS that fills our world.

There’s no way that is completely and absolutely without struggle or effort. One can be ignorant and live in (superficially) blissful denial, and not have to think about how much crap there is out there. One can awaken and be less a victim of the BS, yet now has the responsibility of exercising that awareness and building a stronger consciousness.

Most people don’t even get to a point where they make a choice in how they want to live until they’ve faced their challenging moments, their dark night of the soul, their tests.

Don’t waste those opportunities, is all I’m saying.

Ferrets and The Flow

Hey humano, quero que você veja meus filhotes.😎

Posted by Ferrets no Brasil on Saturday, June 10, 2017

The ferret mistakes his fingers for her kits?

The ferret wants to show the kits off?

The ferret needs a babysitter?

The obvious answer is mistaken identity or that the hand is being used as a warm babysitter (ferrets steal socks, why not hands too).

Having had ferrets, I think she’s showing the kits/nest off. It’s not uncommon for pets with babies to seek out human attention. The idea that “It takes a village to raise a child” is not exclusive to human babies.

We’re basically parental figures to our pets since they depend on us to survive, and they really do seek our approval. Yes the animal has its own maternal instincts, it is totally capable of caring for its young. Yet you as a higher being bring in another factor into its reality. A bridge between the “above” and “below”. The bonding and approval we show to our pets does have an impact on them. For us it would be the same as a “higher” being interacting with us.

When people ask if a higher power exists, etc… All you need to do is look at how you’re treating your children and animals. Anyone “lower” than you on the scale of consciousness (not lower in a hierarchically controlling way). What kind of channel for higher love/guidance are you for anyone who looks up to YOU?

How we treat those “below” us is like a gateway we open for how we ask to be treated.

Happy Love Day

True Love & Toxic Love: 14 Core Differences

In honor of the day and love that uplifts, heals, and frees the heart.

I was going to write something romantic, but there’s plenty of romantic sentiment elsewhere today.

Awareness is supreme and to be able to really let go and play in a relationship we need awareness. We need understanding and trust.

We often learn the hard way how important those things are though, even if we already know what they are.

Those with hearts often serve as prey to toxic people and behaviors. Always taking it on like we have to for some reason. Rationalizing the mistreatment in some way out of misplaced empathy and wishful thinking.

The ideal love we think we have is shattered by slights and abuses that we don’t even recognize until it’s too late. Maybe we try to hold on to the person who is hurtful and situation that devalues us.

You can’t love a parasite in your body away nor can you love a toxic person, a narcissist, to change. It just feeds and enables them.

So fuck them.

I don’t believe in moral ambiguity when it’s about how human beings should treat each other. This is the simplest and least ambiguous thing there is.

Some people would say that these aren’t positive wishy washy words for the holiday, and I’d say that’s exactly what a toxic person would say. If we see no evil and speak no evil we can’t see their behavior and point them out.

So protect thyself with awareness.

Love can still (always) be experienced. From a different perspective, maybe a weary if not wiser perspective, it can be had though.

The bad experiences take us into the dark, they block us off from real love and try to isolate us. Love is always there though, it doesn’t go anywhere. We can always find it again. It’s found deep within if you can survive your own scars, pain, and sadness.

People who haven’t really been hurt tend to recycle the same old rhetoric that you’ll find love again and it will make everything right. That puts the focus outside the self though, it continues the problem that lead to the hurt first place. It makes it someone else’s responsibility.

And what of the time in between meeting someone else and being alone? Who’s to say that you do meet someone else? Not trying to be a downer as there is a great possibility we will meet someone else yet there’s no guarantees. So you have to get to know yourself, make a friend with yourself. Know your heart and body.

There are no guarantees but we can increase our chances of encountering love again by getting to know ourselves. Healing ourselves. Knowing what we love and what we’re about, tends to attract the same. That’s when we’re most magical, that’s when we meet love when we least expect it but it’s not even the universe’s power that delivers the new experiences. It’s our own. It’s how much we know and love ourselves, and draw others to us who are compatible with our self love.

I think, and this is my experience, what makes everything alright is knowledge. It’s processing what happened and coming out more aware and stronger from it.

Fuck the toxic and abusive people. I don’t mean that spitefully. I mean, they don’t deserve thought or energy. If they’ve hurt us they’ve already taken enough from us.

What is normally a virtue and strength in a healthy relationship, a toxic person will exploit as a weakness and use against us. Especially empathy and the desire for things to be better than they really are.

Empathy and openness make a healthy relationship incredibly strong, but in a toxic relationship they are exploited and leave you feeling exploited and bad about yourself.

A healthy relationship should build us up though. It should honor and exalt our hearts and humanity, not exploit them. The first relationship we have is with ourselves.

There is often little we can do to control how others treat us if they don’t care to care how they treat us. We have all the control in how we treat ourselves and that relationship though.

I could write volumes about the toxic and hurtful experiences I’ve been through, and how I’ve been used at times of vulnerability and naivety. The answer is the same though no matter who we are and what we’ve been through. The only thing that makes it right is the healing we do within. The knowledge and awareness we give to ourselves.

It puts us in a position to love and be loved as a whole not a half. Two wholes make a stronger relationship, like interlocking rings. How do they interlock if they are whole? That’s the magic of real love. Its bonds are powerful and yet it is completely freeing and uplifting.

Truth is Offensive

Truth is offensive.

It always has been. I guess ever since there has been an “ego”.

This truth has merely been politicized (and weaponized against the common mind) in modern day. That truth is offensive. So the ego becomes its own autoimmune disease against its own consciousness and chances at growth out of the darkness.

Embrace truth. Embrace self honesty. Face your own mirror. Be brave to see through the bias that you hold about the world around you.

Tear the circus down because it’s not providing you with useful content or even entertainment. It’s a parasite that is feeding off of you. You are its battery and it has no love or respect for you. We’re all resources for it to exploit. So clowns of every shady shade can dance on stage while we suffer for scraps.

This isn’t about calling others out and poking holes in others’ arguments for a myopic and brief hit of egotism over the other guy. This is about having the courage to see the blind spots and holes in your own view. To undress your own hypocrisy. As difficult as it is.

It’s better to learn to sustain on boring offensive truth than the unsustainable fast food. The fast food that makes us feel good as it makes us feel like shit, but we push that discomfort deep down. Our aversion to the fast food is our guardian yet we push it down to put on a face and go along with the crowd.

No one has to follow the crowd off the cliff. It may have a strong momentum but going within is a stronger grounding.

Embrace truth because it’s the only way to survive. The body needs proper nutrients and the consciousness needs real light and truth.

Now That We See The Fruitless Wall, What Will We Do?
“We are entering the twilight phase of capitalism. Wealth is no longer created by producing or manufacturing. It is created by manipulating the prices of stocks and commodities and imposing a crippling debt peonage on the public. Our casino capitalism has merged with the gambling industry. The entire system is parasitic. It is designed to prey on the desperate—young men and women burdened by student loans, underpaid workers burdened by credit card debt and mortgages, towns and cities forced to borrow to maintain municipal services.”

Silly humans are we, thinking in linear ways and believing it is long term.

Nature is cyclical, so are man made systems. They have rises, brief periods of grace, twilights, and falls.

Instead of realizing this, and learning how to work beneficially with the energies and cycles of nature/our own beings… seems that some are stuck on holding on to the glory and rise phases of their cycles.

There can’t be a spring unless rest is taken in the winter.

Those who never accept the quiet night invite the harshest darkness and quieting of their very souls.

It’s much better to learn how to roll and flow with how life moves than to make everything a fight of “black or white”.

That would take deep sobriety and even humility though. Traits that the world’s “leaders” do not have and can never bestow upon the civilizations and masses they steer. Steer right up against the wall of natural law.

We see reactions of chaos, disillusionment, and fury in civilization when we do hit those walls. Walls where we can not go back, and there is nowhere to go forward on the manipulated path.

People feel furious and that they’ve been lied to and cheated, when they hit that wall.

They ONLY question is what we do when we hit it. When we begin to realize what’s been done to us. How we’ve been lied to and manipulated to pursue this dead end path.

How our emotions, good intentions, and humanity has been manipulated.

How our grandparents were lied to and our children are being set up for a greater crash.

What will we do when we realize we’ve been divorced from nature and the natural laws of life and universe? All to feed into other entities’ control fantasies and rebellion against the universal and life conducive flows of creation?

We’ve been steered into a wall on purpose, time to swallow your pride and belief that you control anything in this mess.

Time to fire your gods, heroes, champions of fruitless paths, your politicians and celebrities that are puppet parrots to the sickness cast upon the world by forces that deny the loving and creative flows.

Fire them all. Fuck ’em all!

One’s own pain, one’s own rage, one’s own sadness is more of a hero when it cries out for truth, sanity, and correction of our unsustainable path.

We’ve been collectively set up to fail. Deal with it!

Time to choose what we do from here.

The Test of Consciousness is…

The worst human folly is the refusal to face one’s dark side. There is no arguing this fact, only avoidance of it. That dark side always becomes someone else’s problem until it is faced. Our fucked up world will praise you if you can find ways to project your garbage on to others and get away with it. Example – those who run the world.

The false duality of “us vs them” in our mind controlled world exists largely upon the impetus to seek and make straw-men and scapegoats.

There is a great vacuum in many. Where there should be inward looking there is lashing out. Where there should be self-house cleaning and scrutiny of one’s sacred cows/beliefs/biases/associations/leaders/champions there is projection and flinging of mud.

Everyone has a sad story about how they are a victim. Yet too many people are victims eager to become bullies and abusers. This secret impulse runs unchecked because it stems from the shadow and blind spots. Far too many seek to win the game of dominance-over-others (and unconsciously appoint authority figures to be their champion enforcers), instead of working to win the game of self mastery and consciousness within.

Far too many are secretly eager in their shadows, in self absorption; emboldened in ego, to rationalize, to champion selfishness. The less we develop the discipline to face and handle our shadows the more we become lax in letting our shadows and dark sides take over.

One can not consider their self truly conscious until they realize the hypocrisy in that. Even the biggest politicians, celebrities, religious leaders, even rocket scientists are not truly CONSCIOUS if they have not realized the hypocrisy in that… and done something about it in their selves and in their own lives.

We are not truly conscious or intelligent until we realize this.

Real consciousness is born in many moments of self humility, of not knowing the answers, even in scary shaky moments, even shocks to the system that all bring self awareness. It’s just the true self’s way of telling the ego to come back home to center. Breaking it down. What is disillusioned, may be replaced with true substance and authentic character.

Although, I have a harsh attitude toward bullshit. The way I see it, one hasn’t been through enough if they haven’t learned this lesson yet. The lesson where humility and wisdom begin.

No one is on the path until they’ve been cracked open by a few shocks and fallen to their knees for the path. Humbly opened up to the path and hungrily sought love and enlightenment with the screaming core of their being.

Wakeful consciousness begins where a humbling realization of one’s hypocrisy begins… which is where the ego in a false sense begins to end. One can accept and can be hungry for this kind of “death”, or go to sleep and wait for physical literal pains and nights to befall them.