Being Positive

Sometimes we mistake being positive with choosing the right side in an argument. Presuming that if we do this anything goes with our own thought processes, behaviors and speech. We want to feel right and feel that our feelings our validated. We want our concerns to be acknowledged. Sometimes we are on the “right side” in a debate, but is that all there is to it?

Does seeking an answer, healing, ethical ground or justice end there?

That can be answered with another question, does consciousness end there?

We must remember that real positivity goes beyond simply being positive and siding with what is deduced or agreed upon as the “right side”.

It is to see beyond the conflicting differences. It is to see the merits in all sides of an argument. This is one of the strongest skills a human being can develop with their mind.

Think of it as striving to be resourceful. You see this as a virtue with making the most of food and water, basic material needs. Try to do the same intellectually and emotionally with the varying perspectives and experiences you encounter. Find the value and substance in all things.

The unity we seek is in the common ground. It can be reached with love and willingness to look at the picture from different angles.

The love of course must come from each of us. It must be an inner choice. In becoming conscious one must strive to become conscious of what one is conscious of. One must work to navigate life with right action (which is not about right and left). It is the moral and ethical foundation one develops from their inner knowing through external experiences. A commitment to self work will see the foundation grow beyond the dichotomies.

Take pause before reacting. In self work the test is in how well one can sift and see the value in different perspectives. It is ever the work of self awareness and the development through inner knowing.

In this work we grow more knowing not simply “smarter” or “right”. We become more knowledgeable, if not wiser. Wisdom tends to become us more than it being something we strive to. Although we can be open to wisdom. We can be open and considerate (of a mindset that is considering).

If you find yourself around people, things, and even thoughts that you can’t find value in considering then maybe it is time to shift your attention toward what you do find value in?

The first step toward finding value in different perspectives is remembering the validity of our own. It’s when we feel invalidated, unheard, and there’s a lack of self love that it becomes most tempting to want to fight with and even invalidate others.

This points to the wounding and suppression we all feel in ourselves.

It’s important to find a way to speak our own voices and see the value in our own perspectives.

It’s innerstandable that no one would want to give other perspectives consideration if they feel that their own are not being heard and acknowledged.

I hope you find inner validation. I hope we all remember that we are amazing and loved. When it comes to arguing and trying to suppress the “other side” hopefully we remember that we’re better than that. We can practice mutual recognition and respect. We’re capable of developing whole mindedness.

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