The Quest For Truth

The thing about finding answers is not about how truthful the truth is or how believable the story. It’s how ready you are for the truth. How deep into the rabbit hole do you want to go?

The truths you find may be in yourself. Tackling and owning ourselves is one of the biggest challenges there is. Some run away from the challenge because it’s too difficult. Some have little inner real estate, but they want to own your inner estate. Mindless collectivism has no focus but mindless followers and mechanically dazed desire for control. Passion though, it doesn’t have that. Passion awakens deep inside us each.

Be yourself. That’s the highest form of asserting identity. Teacher and student and student and teacher. We’re all young and wise. Think bigger and dig deeper than you ever have before.

The Quest For Truth is not a quest for tidbits of knowledge and truths. IT IS A STATE OF THOU.

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