Confidence Or Crutches

Bad girls aren’t bad when they’re being independent human beings who think for their selves. Nice guys do win if they can be men. Our self descriptions are often used self mockingly, as if we have to feel ashamed about what we are and defend it.

Forget that. I say find the power in what you are and use it well.

Don’t preemptively lash out at yourself because you’re afraid of being lashed out at.

Confidence is taking a risk. We all want love and happiness deep down. We want the things we used to believe in. Where do you sell yourself short? It’s ok if we stumble if we’ve already stumbled ourselves. Labels get us stuck. They’re comfortable but they’re not confident.

I bet if you could share who you really are,  dreams and thought, you’d have an impact in the most important way. Upon yourself, if you could open up to yourself…. You could reinvigorate your goals and air out the skeleton you stored next to them.

Every part of the human being has its place. Our task is to embrace all that we each are with love, in strength.

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