Be Quirky

Pop culture tells us what’s cool, what’s hot and what’s not, what’s intelligent and what’s ignorant. I have an idea for you and it might seem radical. Discover your own answers. Be the quirkiest, strangest, person that ever walked the Earth. Be fat, be skinny, do your own thing. Don’t let anything capitalize on your self esteem to rob your happiness. The only risk that comes with thinking for yourself is thinking for yourself.

If you’re going along with the majority, a trend, a quo, you’re following other people’s egos. You’re much more than the reflection of other peoples’ egos. Does it make sense to invalidate all that you are to follow someone’s ego? Does it make sense to give your worries control?

When you take into consideration that everything that is real is based on our thoughts, feelings and point of view, reality takes a precarious position. There is no reality but what we currently make. What you build a presence of in yourself will become you.

You can run from your fears. I think you’re stronger than that though. We each have the power to face our fears and realize how strong we are. To call upon something deeper from ourselves. Be our unique selves, be strong.

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