The Hypocrisy of Remaking Old Movies

What I don’t understand with all the remakes, rehashes, retcons is if you have such a great new idea for a movie/show why not make your own?

There’s always the excuse of “We need progress and to keep things fresh with XYZ franchise!”… First who is “we”? Next don’t get me started on how movie/show series are turned into soulless franchises that must be kept going. Sort of like how politicians say the banks are “too big to fail” regardless if corrupt and having a negative effect on the economy, they need to be kept going.

It’s an empty and hypocritical statement to claim the need for progress and change to defend the rehashing of old movies/shows.

When old movie XYZ and show ABC was a powerful cultural phenomenon and people were lining up to watch it, it wasn’t because it was a remake of anything. Maybe an amalgam of the creator’s inspirations yet not a direct remake of anything.

Yes we do need new ideas and there always be change in the arts and media. It’s not new or innovative to keep drudging up old properties and making fun of them/mocking the fans, altering if not destroying said properties, yet relying on brand recognition to draw people to it.

Of course it’s all about profit, rights issues, and hoarding these properties so a few people have control over the direction of them. If it was about art and being a true creator there would be more original content hitting the mainstream. Comic book movies don’t count because they’re made from comics. What about fully original movies that reach the status of old property XYZ? What happened to those? There’s no profit in that.

So we get a faux image of “new and innovative” in remakes. Nothing really new and that feeds the soul. Actually these remakes feed off of our souls and memories. They use our fond memories to trick us into thinking we’re watching something as fulfilling and good as what those memories are about. They’re not adding new and positive memories that will be remembered and celebrated for generations.

Sometimes “new idea” doesn’t fit old property XYZ and to shoehorn it in does a disservice to both the new ideas and old property.

This points to a bigger problem with our culture, with the state of human consciousness itself. That is how much we humans are inclined to play the crusaders who want to change and fight “what is”.

We like to feel indignant that things are “this” way, we like to feel insulted and go on crusades to change things to “that” way.

It seems “we” are greatly losing the ability to simply appreciate things as they are. To realize that if we like those things we appreciate we can certainly join with the flow of those things and add to them. We can even create our own new amalgams of those things, maybe that even surpass the sum of the parts… or maybe we don’t like those things. Maybe we like different things and need to find different things to tune into and contribute our energy to.

We exist in such a collective world of white noise stasis. Waves canceling each other out by fighting instead of using their potential to grow into tidal waves of greatness. Energies and wills fighting against each other. To convince each other, convert each other, step on the other “side” and assimilate them to “our” way.

That’s what’s regressing and destroying us on many fronts. Culture, arts, media, politics.

All the useless fighting and people trying to change “what is” into their image. People striving to violate each other’s free will as if it’s a virtue. As if we’re that petty and can’t see the stagnation we bring upon ourselves.

Short sighted motives will never be able to see the prisons they create for themselves.

The sad thing is it’s easy to step out of this loop, of the ouroboros eating itself. Of going nowhere and locking ourselves in meaningless loops and stasis.

It’s as easy as self awareness. Which we cast aside every time we rationalize the corruption and self destructive nature of our collective inertia. It’s easy to cast self awareness aside and be a hypocrite.

My goodness, the true innovators of today are innovators in consciousness. It’s those who choose the humble reality checks of self awareness. Sobriety-boring and stoic, not drunken recklessness, is the new rebelliousness.

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