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Don’t Vote Third Party! The Lesser Evils Await!

To everyone trying to dissuade others from voting “third party” or whatever – YUCK.

Seriously, YUCK. I hate pseudo plea pulls at the intellect and sympathy like that. I hate the way these arguments use subtle authoritarian angles and seek to push the fear buttons in others.

“I understand the need for third parties and your passion for them, but you must vote for such and such because of the greater evil”


Our world is already on a road of destruction and in desperate need of change. WE are in desperate need of a sense of urgency. It’s only a matter of time before there’s a Fukushima in the U.S., or fracking hits a fault line, or there’s world war 3.

We already live in a country that doesn’t give a shit about lead in drinking water. It’s not outlandish to conclude that greed and apathy rule not just our water supply but much of our modern world.

There’s so much destruction and our “leaders” don’t care! These are not good times in which to turn the mind off!

If we’re lucky we’ll use the bumps along the way to wake up. To withdraw our energy and consent from our own downfall.

I’m voting for anyone but the two “evils” because I care about my self, perhaps karma. Seriously, if the world goes to shit I want to know that I didn’t support one crook over another. I have self respect and it is a respect that deeply cares about others too, about survival on a deeper and long term level not just what’s happening on the news today.

There is no good reason to support any evil, lesser or not, if one cares about their integrity.

If it takes decades for the masses to wake up and withdraw their support from false and destructive roads, and explore other options, so be it!  We are in the mess we’re in because people have lost touch and “gone along to get along” too much. We think we’re thinking long term when putting support toward the “lesser” of evils but we’re merely taking a slower road to hell.

Long term vision is something many have lost.  We’ve lost the common sense to include the survival of our hearts and souls in our practical thinking.

The only way we can save ourselves from this mess is by WAKING UP.

Commend those with the strength and conviction to do so TODAY. Don’t patronize and condescend them.

It’s not smart to condescend those who think for their selves. You will be such a person yourself some day if you aren’t already, and the “karma” we accumulate for kicking others for thinking for themselves can be ruthless. It’s the most difficult test of the soul anyone faces in this world, it’s the loneliest and harshest test. Few want to face it so they stay asleep.

There’s nothing wrong with that (we wake up when ready), but it’s not good to attack those who do challenge themselves and question the world. It’s better to listen and learn from them as we will be them ourselves some day.

It’s always better to be awake today than pay for it tomorrow. Yet there are many extenuating circumstances in which we think we must “go along to get along”. Just because we have to do that sometimes doesn’t mean we should be ok with it. Not being ok with it is what makes us human.

It’s the conflict, the nagging itch within that makes us alive. As soon as we give that up and go to sleep we are no longer living.

Condescension toward those who have courage to think for themselves is, always has been, and always will be shameful.

Maybe it’s better to stop trying to convert them and rather stop, listen, and learn from them.

Cemented Minds

Behind every oppressive ideological movement, whatever it is – left or right, religious or atheistic, black or white – there’s an idiot who takes the ideology literally and is willing to force others to conform to their beliefs. This is fundamentally selfish but few idiots see it that way. They believe.

There’s a fool every minute in the dark matrix, with its temptations of helping others by oppressing and hurting them (doing the opposite of helping). There’s a fool every minute with a materialistically fused inflexible mind who takes ideology literally. Those who can’t see the big picture shouldn’t be telling others how to live their little pictures.

Ultimately the only One that can see the biggest picture is the One and absolute source of all that is, ever was, and will be.

Regardless of reasons, good or negative intentions, anytime we try to control/conform/manipulate/afflict others we’re acting in defiance of that source. This never ends well, despite whatever darkness is tempting us down that road.

There you will find the source of all suffering and “karma”… and even that pain is there to alert us to the reality of our situation, that we’re doing things the wrong way or allowing the wrong things to be done to us.

It’s time to wake up before it’s too late.



Nurture vs. Fester


In my previous post I talked about adding to each other’s sails vs. tearing each other down. The most pertinent point being that the daggers you create and put in someone else’s back weren’t in existence before you created them, and can be used against you. It’s not karma. It’s being a co-creator who is (or isn’t) aware and responsible for what you put out there.

“Do not do unto others what you wouldn’t want done to you” is the biggest lesson. None of us would be creating any daggers to stab at others, putting others down, tearing at their dreams and creations if we inner-stood this lesson.

I’m sometimes surprised and cynical at speeches that sing positive rhetoric but don’t get this lesson! People can be arrogant, they may think they’re already “there” so don’t need to listen or care. Those are usually the people who are first to cry out when life gives them pitfalls. It’s madness.

One has no standing to speak of love, light, creativity, human potential if they don’t get this lesson. Anything less and we’re gonna be tearing others down, criticizing them behind their backs and creating those daggers. Which is basically festering and harboring denial energy (or un-making-consciousness). The denial you present to the “other” is the denial you place in your heart and soul. It’s not karma. It’s what we create, it’s what we directly put out there. It doesn’t “come around”, what we put out there is already there.

We can talk platitudes out of our asses until the cows come home, it doesn’t matter how sweet the speech. Your inner attitude matters, what you truly want for others (and yourself) matters. It takes a brave soul to become aware of this. It takes a brave one to become aware of their self and begin to mind what they’re putting out there. It can be a difficult wake up, so that soul (whoever they are) deserves our respect and encouragement. It’s not what we’ve done in the past it’s how willing one is to wake up in the present moment that matters.

The greatest show of LOVE is the allowance of something (life, beauty, etc). We can’t encourage, motivate, inspire each other until we’re allowing each other to sail our sails. I mean allowing as if it’s not even our right to allow or disallow each other, which it isn’t.

Creating inspiration and encouragement is proactive. It’s an act of decisiveness in creation. You may not be perfect with it, but hey you’re learning. We’re all co-creators learning how to create. This is where finding inner stillness, sobriety, being mindful of how and what we create comes into play (“Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want done to you” vs. “Treat others like you want to be treated”).

We all have the power to be a positive and creative force in the world.

So find the floor of your gut, find your motivation. Do consider the difference between nurturing allowance and festering denial. For yourself and for others. What you nurture for yourself is also what you create for others and vice versa.

As I wrote in the previous post, in regard to festering of denial or self destructive behavior, “You’re better than that”. Really! You are! You fucking rock! We just gotta find it in ourselves and keep it alive in all ourselves by appreciating it in the self and the other.

You are loved, you are a co-creator, you are beautiful. We’re all amazing and it’s always a good moment to realize that.