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For Your Health

These are “tips” of the iceberg. If you want to be healthy be ready to dive into yourself for the love of self exploration, knowledge, and your potential.

This blog is shared under the agreement of mutual uplift that you: take what you need, leave what you don’t, add to what you know, share what you know.


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The quick overview –

  1. Eat organic food and locally where possible. By doing so you help yourself and the farmers. Sleep and plenty of water are the other two basic food and lifestyle necessities.
  2. Consider getting a good water filtration system, and air purifier
  3. Remove all toxic cosmetics, soaps, and deodorants – replace with natural substances where possible. This again helps you and the world around you (the environment and consequentially others who exist on this planet as well). This also has the benefit (when combined with a good diet that promotes digestive health) of making you smell better; less body odor, better breath, and healthier bowels (which are a main way in which toxins are moved out of your body). People lather themselves with chemicals and toxins to cover up unpleasant scents; and by that contribute to the problem. Remember that health is an internal issue and begins from within. All aspects of your well being are connected in that.
  4. Use natural and high quality supplements.
  5. Consider a bodily cleansing program.
  6. Nothing works without your participation and anything works better with gratitude. Expect trial and error as you begin to listen to your body and inner guidance.


Who is an Autopathist? ANYONE who knows just what to do in sickness and does it of his own accord is an Autopathist, be he physician or patient. Sickness has no terrors for autopathists. If they were to get sick they know they could soon get well, for THEY KNOW HOW. I coined the word, Autopathy, from the Greek “Autos,” meaning SELF, and “Pathos,” meaning DISEASE or TREATMENT. Autopathy is, therefore, the scientific, or commonsense, treatment of one’s self. This knowledge is easily and quickly acquired by anyone who is willing to devote a little study to Autology and Autopathy and to this volume.


Health problems? We’re at war with ourselves. You could say that we’re at war with nature yet nature is within. You can’t “save” the nature outside of you if you neglect that (a part of you) is nature too. You have the potential to be as self generating/organizing as nature. Nature goes through cycles and your body goes through cycles. Your spirit and material body form a whole. Self honesty is firstly important to keep your being lively and inner communication pathways open.

There are many ways in which health is assaulted that we participate in. Let’s save ourselves the time and focus on something other than the body as weak, rather let’s focus on it as a living force. Does it make sense to do things to the body that impede its functions and ability to touch/experience/connect to the world? There are everyday bad habits and there is ignorantly defending things that hurt you. The first step to health is honesty with oneself. One must want to be healthy; and that desire must be greater than hold ups and prior habits/conditioning. Sometimes it is pain that causes the greatest wake ups, it tells you that you are hurting in some way. Figuring out why requires your attention and care. Your body is the ship and you’re the captain. With that in mind how far do you think that you should be getting with the extent that you’ve taken to know yourself and care for that ship?

Here are some things you can try to strengthen your health. Self empowerment can come from simple actions. A lot of this information was gotten from this video; Jerry Brunetti’s Food As Medicine.


Get sleep. Make the time.


In the emotiona sense? Yep! In the sense of higher awareness? Sure! Most basically: the actual ground! The Earth is the greatest balancer of natural energies and healer there is around here!

Balance your diet PH

This is the simplest, easiest, and cheapest thing that anyone wanting to improve their health can do. Here’s a couple links to get you started –

Table salt is bad, sea salt may or may not be better, use your discernment. I am providing this link that is critical of sea salt for the reason that there are many links on the web that thoroughly take apart table salt yet tout sea salt as the next best thing –

It’s not about the “salt”. It’s about the MANY trace minerals that are lacking in the refined and artificial diet, and that are best found in natural sources. Sea salt has gotten attention because it has trace minerals. The quality and digestibility of the salt and minerals in it is a matter of your decision. Some people can use and may need more sodium in their diets than others. Salt is however difficult to avoid. Don’t believe the hype about any kind of salt and you should do fine.

On the topic of “That’s bad for you! You shouldn’t eat that!” foods –
Refined sugar, artificial sugar, sugar found in processed foods. Refined sugars feed cancers and are bad for your teeth. Parasites in the lower digestive system and Candida yeast thrive on sugar. Eating refined sugar is like hooking a fuel line up to the gullets of these pathogens. Your body is getting little benefit from it (you get brief stimulation and a load of problems down the line).


What a perfect fruit! Raw lemons are full of minerals. They are considered alkaline because it’s the effect that the food has on the blood after it leaves the stomach that matters.

Increase your stomach acid strength

This can be done by taking betaine hydrochloride. Digestive enzymes (found naturally in raw foods) can also be purchased. Not drinking too much during meals is important because the fluid dilutes stomach acid. Make sure you are hydrated before you eat. Increasing stomach acid strength helps break down food so you’re going to get more nutrients in your blood. It’s also going to allow the intestines to do their job better. If you’re not breaking down food in your stomach it gets stored in your gut and the rot releases toxins and odor throughout the body. The source of many digestive problems is weak or too little acid. Some people take acid neutralizers to keep down the back up; which makes the problem worse.

Stomach acid also kills pathogens. It is a powerful defense against viruses, bacteria, parasites, molds. You want things in your digestive system to flow and give pathogens less time to take hold. Having healthy intestinal flora is important too. The digestive system should be fluidic and each part should function healthily which makes the whole stronger.

Drink lots of water

Firstly, you need water to function; you’re mostly made of water. Drink until you’re pooping at least a couple times a day too. Getting lots of water is also important if you are going to make dietary changes because your digestive system will need it to detoxify your body.

Don’t drink soda, it obviously is bad for teeth and wreaks havoc on the body’s sugar balance and it also leeches the body of minerals.

If you drink juice go organic and no added sugar. Pomagranates for example are a wonderful source of antioxidants. Consider getting a juicer or a blender and make your own drinks. The thing about high nutritional foods is that smaller amounts can sustain the body longer than large portions of junk. This is a testament to how hearty the human body is-when you’re not getting necessary foods your body is made to sustain off of itself and its reserves. People who defend unhealthy foods and habits are in a self defeating way proclaiming how robust their willpowers are and how hearty their bodies are. Imagine putting that potential to use to strengthen and build your health. Imagine putting that potential to better use. Imagine having more energy to use in your daily life.

Get fluoride out of your life

Fluoride degrades teeth and bone mass. It numbs the brain. It’s sourced from industrial waste from the aluminum industry and repackaged for consumption. Here’s a story that is similar to how fluoride got into the American diet –

When it comes to taking care of yourself you need to be ruthless in your discernment. You’re the caretaker of your body. You face your consequences. The world around you may experience echoes of those consequences yet you’re the one who faces them straight up. Your body doesn’t need to be “saved” so much as supported. Your body is a living force. You renew yourself each day. Being positive is embodying and acting with the virtue that we project on to heroes and want them to save us with!

Water filter

Drinking water is most important. Bottled water is often no better than tap water and comes with the added bonus of plastic. Unless you have a clean well or underground stream near by it’s a good idea to invest in a water purifier.

Fats are good for you

So is cholesterol. Your body needs fat, as it does salt and sunlight. Get a good amount of healthy fats and you’re going to feel filled. Good sources of fat are organic eggs, coconut oil, nuts, olive oil, fish oil (sourced from smaller fish is better because they have less mercury; do your own research).

Did you know that the vegetable oil you cook with turns rancid and carcinogenic at high temperatures? You might want to research that too.

Get rid of yeast

There are healthy yeasts and yeast that you don’t want in your body (Candida yeast). If you have digestive problems it may be a good idea to avoid all yeast until you figure out the causes of your problems and address them.

Yeast is found in many bread products, refined and processed foods. Check the labels, even soy sauce has yeast in it. To help counter it get probiotics in your meals. Yogurt is the easiest way, although capsules can be bought too. Vegetables are also a good way to counter yeast. Yeast feeds on sugars, the less complex the carbs the better for the yeast-although whole grains work as well for it (and it doesn’t help that most store bought bread has yeast in it). The only way to remove it is to stop feeding it, and create a presence of healthy bacteria in your lower digestive system. Are you seeing a pattern yet? It’s not enough to remove the burden-it’s at your discretion to fill the void with something better. Think of it as like clearing your garden of weeds. Now what are you going to plant?

If you have mercury in your mouth you really should get rid of yeast. The mercury in the fillings kills beneficial bacteria and allows nasty kinds to grow. With that happening it is easier for Candida yeast to take hold. Also be wary for yeast die offs if you eliminate it from your diet. People usually feel worse before better as they detox it from their bodies.


Anything with “natural flavor, hydrolyzed protein, yeast extract” in the ingredients list or any variation there of; has MSG in it.

Manufacturers are not required to list the chemical as MSG unless monosodium glutamate is actually in the product (it’s not “MSG”, it’s “processed free glutamic acid”).

If you want to find out if there is processed free glutamic acid (MSG) in a product, you must ask the manufacturer for information about “free glutamic acid”. Don’t ask about “MSG”. Manufacturers find it convenient, when speaking to consumers, to tell them that there is no “MSG” in their product, meaning that there is no ingredient called “monosodium glutamate.” Even if a manufacturer tells you there is no MSG in a product, there may be autolyzed yeast, hydrolyzed pea protein, carrageenan, sodium caseinate, enzymes, and a whole slew of other ingredients that contain or create processed free glutamic acid (MSG) during manufacture.rnrnIf you are told that all of the MSG in a product is “naturally occurring,” thank the manufacturer for that meaningless information, but explain that all processed free glutamic acid (MSG) is referred to as “natural” by the FDA — so “natural” tells you nothing. In fact, as the word “natural” is defined by the FDA, the food ingredient “monosodium glutamate” is “natural.”

Go organic

Not only is it healthier for you (you’re going to wipe out many problems from your diet as well as consume food that your body needs), you’re also supporting organic farmers, manufacturers and retailers. It is more expensive but you’re going to get more nutrition from it. The lie is that junk has any nutritional value. This applies to more than food.

Say adios to non organic milk

If you want dairy go organic (there are pasteurized varieties of organic milk) or find an organic dairy farm.


Separated from the wheat; the gluten is something resembling a rubber ball. If you must eat wheat breads try sprouted grain breads. I’m not going to go over bleached and enriched white bread because if you’re reading this you should know better. Whole wheat bread and multi grain bread is not all that better.

Many of us have wheat allergies and don’t notice because we force our bodies to develop balances with things that detract from us. Take the yeast, wheat, and processed foods out of your diet and you will notice a difference after you go through the withdrawal and the detoxification. Be sure that you do your research before making any changes and talk to your doctor if you have one. Changing diet is firstly a personal initiative although having a professional opinion to weigh in your decisions may be a good idea.

Microwave ovens destroy the nutritional value of food

Avoid them. Sit further away from the TV and computer too if you can help it. Cell phones, cordless phones, and power lines! The best thing to do is to stay away from them when you can.

Electronic appliances also put out a lot of positive ions which can cause and contribute to serotonin irritation syndrome.

Power Lines – not Radiation but Static Electricity Causes Diseases and Cancer

Any parents out there wondering why your kid is so cranky and agitated? Other than the food they’re eating it may have something to do with the TV they are glued to. Positive ions wreak havoc on the body and neurological system.

Human wonder, compassion, creativity; and other virtues of the human spirit existed far before TV and cell phones were introduced into people’s lives.

You must be honest with yourself in regard to what devices you choose to use (its benefits and negatives).

Beeswax candles

beeswax candle.

Also consider getting a negative ion generator, these are more expensive than candles and require a source of electricity yet can be run continuously.

Not only do beeswax candles emit negative ions, they last longer than normal candles. Paraffin candles may have lead in the wicks and be full of chemicals. The scented mood lighting candle thing = surface cover and is typical of the modern mindset-surface focused (this was covered at the beginning of the blog with deodorizers). Health is waiting underneath the toxicity that we have filled and surrounded ourselves with.

The sun

Get lots of sunlight, taking care to use precautions according to your skin tone. Make your material life a canvas of balance; vibrant nights and days. Of course there are rainy days, snowy days, and all of that too. It’s your life rain or shine.

Maitake, Shitake, Reishi mushrooms

Are good immune system boosters. It is a good idea with all new supplements to take things slow and in small amounts at first.

Be well during cold season

First understand that stuffing yourself in a stale environment contributes to getting a cold. Fresh and cold air can enliven the body so be sure to take time to get fresh air if you work in an enclosed environment for long periods of time.

Make sure that if you take a supplement of Vitamin C it is complete Vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is partial; which forces your body to give minerals to make complete Vitamin C (supplements are supposed to supply not detract).

Synthetic vitamins are near useless

Are your supplements working? Synthetic vitamins do not resonate with living cells because they are not living. That people have survived while taking them says more about the resilience of the human body rather than the crap consumed. Get with vegetables and fruits, or even green food drinks. If you must take vitamins do your homework.

DNA can be affected by consciousness, thoughts and feelings, and environment. It can change throughout life as life is organic and flowing. The more we fight ourselves the more we cause our suffering and welcome snake oil solutions. Nature will be here long after you are gone. It is time to rediscover what “self consciousness” is.

Anything you do or change in your diet is going to have a more poignant effect if you’re striving to improve your health. If you’re on the path everything is going to come together to make you healthier. Your participation is required in that. If you want to be healthy you have to apply your intent and do your own research. It takes time to get healthier, and should be enjoyable as you do. Cherish every moment of your life.

You have a little more knowledge now. How you use it is up to you.

Best of health!

Candida Auris, Paul Stamets, and Balance vs. Imbalance

The issue here is a much bigger one than the scare of the week, and we all can learn from it.

It’s a very simple issue with exponential implications.

Now we can certainly point out on this planet how microbes are carelessly misused, treated, and even used in a destructive way in weaponry. This carelessness would include the over use of anti-microbial drugs. This would all fall under the umbrella of a negative relationship with said microbes.

Then there’s some like Paul Stamets , who has a much more positive and conscious relationship with fungus.

If anything destroys us it will be our negative/darkened awareness/ignorant relationship with ourselves and the world around us. If anything saves us it will be developing a healthier, more conscious and whole minded, relationship with ourselves and world.

Call it a whole minded, soul integrated approach to reality vs. a psychopathic, false narcissistic self serving, fractured approach.

Unfortunately the psychopaths are winning and infecting the rest of the human race with their dysfunctional mind. Which is fractured and unable to see other perspectives-the full range of consciousness, and extremely destructive.

This is seen in modern political social diatribe. People are turning into tribal minded primitives out to get the other side of the false divide. We’re taught to divide ourselves in of ourselves. To harbor negative/hateful/fearful relationships in of ourselves with any and all aspects of our own beings and the world around us.

The unhealthy ego loves it because it gains a sense of individuality from this self fracturing and limiting. Individuality gained through the negative mind and reduction of consciousness. Through self limitation.

There’s a lot to learn from communal entities like fungi. Certainly the times are so crazy that even using a word like “communal” and pointing to the communal relationship of another organism, merely to study, will trigger the political left/right paradigm in some. Surely this post must be promoting communism… I’ve seen insane leaps of ill-logic made by the political left/right over less.

If your mind isn’t colonized by that bullshit and you aren’t triggered by words, then you should know there is a world out there, in nature, waiting to teach you about… itself, yourself.

It’s very important to study how nature works and maintains its balance. There’s nothing more dangerous, not even what the gloomiest conspiracy theory can conjure, than a human ego that is like an alien unto itself. The person disconnected from their own beingness stirs all manner of destruction and suffering. They will do it believing that what they’re doing is righteous (subjective thinking allows us to believe anything is good, right or wrong). That they have to save us from our souls, our stability and be as lost and fractured as they are.

The virulent psychopath is like a virulent strain of bacteria that has gotten out of control and imbalances the ecosystem. We’re so collectively and spiritually asleep, lethargic, disconnected from our true selves that this imbalance has taken place.

The thing is it’s not really anyone’s fault. We’re conditioned to be this way, our ancestors were conditioned. The only hope we have is getting in touch with ourselves, back down to our better senses again.

That’s why developing a healthy, positive, accepting-embracing rather than negative and negating relationship with nature is important. It’s not just about nature and whatever it is you’re studying and meditating on. It’s about re-training your mind toward a positive relationship with yourself, with others, with creation. One that allows expansion of consciousness and growth of soul. Not the bolstering of the false self and materialism at the cost of soul and consciousness.

Happy Love Day

True Love & Toxic Love: 14 Core Differences

In honor of the day and love that uplifts, heals, and frees the heart.

I was going to write something romantic, but there’s plenty of romantic sentiment elsewhere today.

Awareness is supreme and to be able to really let go and play in a relationship we need awareness. We need understanding and trust.

We often learn the hard way how important those things are though, even if we already know what they are.

Those with hearts often serve as prey to toxic people and behaviors. Always taking it on like we have to for some reason. Rationalizing the mistreatment in some way out of misplaced empathy and wishful thinking.

The ideal love we think we have is shattered by slights and abuses that we don’t even recognize until it’s too late. Maybe we try to hold on to the person who is hurtful and situation that devalues us.

You can’t love a parasite in your body away nor can you love a toxic person, a narcissist, to change. It just feeds and enables them.

So fuck them.

I don’t believe in moral ambiguity when it’s about how human beings should treat each other. This is the simplest and least ambiguous thing there is.

Some people would say that these aren’t positive wishy washy words for the holiday, and I’d say that’s exactly what a toxic person would say. If we see no evil and speak no evil we can’t see their behavior and point them out.

So protect thyself with awareness.

Love can still (always) be experienced. From a different perspective, maybe a weary if not wiser perspective, it can be had though.

The bad experiences take us into the dark, they block us off from real love and try to isolate us. Love is always there though, it doesn’t go anywhere. We can always find it again. It’s found deep within if you can survive your own scars, pain, and sadness.

People who haven’t really been hurt tend to recycle the same old rhetoric that you’ll find love again and it will make everything right. That puts the focus outside the self though, it continues the problem that lead to the hurt first place. It makes it someone else’s responsibility.

And what of the time in between meeting someone else and being alone? Who’s to say that you do meet someone else? Not trying to be a downer as there is a great possibility we will meet someone else yet there’s no guarantees. So you have to get to know yourself, make a friend with yourself. Know your heart and body.

There are no guarantees but we can increase our chances of encountering love again by getting to know ourselves. Healing ourselves. Knowing what we love and what we’re about, tends to attract the same. That’s when we’re most magical, that’s when we meet love when we least expect it but it’s not even the universe’s power that delivers the new experiences. It’s our own. It’s how much we know and love ourselves, and draw others to us who are compatible with our self love.

I think, and this is my experience, what makes everything alright is knowledge. It’s processing what happened and coming out more aware and stronger from it.

Fuck the toxic and abusive people. I don’t mean that spitefully. I mean, they don’t deserve thought or energy. If they’ve hurt us they’ve already taken enough from us.

What is normally a virtue and strength in a healthy relationship, a toxic person will exploit as a weakness and use against us. Especially empathy and the desire for things to be better than they really are.

Empathy and openness make a healthy relationship incredibly strong, but in a toxic relationship they are exploited and leave you feeling exploited and bad about yourself.

A healthy relationship should build us up though. It should honor and exalt our hearts and humanity, not exploit them. The first relationship we have is with ourselves.

There is often little we can do to control how others treat us if they don’t care to care how they treat us. We have all the control in how we treat ourselves and that relationship though.

I could write volumes about the toxic and hurtful experiences I’ve been through, and how I’ve been used at times of vulnerability and naivety. The answer is the same though no matter who we are and what we’ve been through. The only thing that makes it right is the healing we do within. The knowledge and awareness we give to ourselves.

It puts us in a position to love and be loved as a whole not a half. Two wholes make a stronger relationship, like interlocking rings. How do they interlock if they are whole? That’s the magic of real love. Its bonds are powerful and yet it is completely freeing and uplifting.

The Test of Consciousness is…

The worst human folly is the refusal to face one’s dark side. There is no arguing this fact, only avoidance of it. That dark side always becomes someone else’s problem until it is faced. Our fucked up world will praise you if you can find ways to project your garbage on to others and get away with it. Example – those who run the world.

The false duality of “us vs them” in our mind controlled world exists largely upon the impetus to seek and make straw-men and scapegoats.

There is a great vacuum in many. Where there should be inward looking there is lashing out. Where there should be self-house cleaning and scrutiny of one’s sacred cows/beliefs/biases/associations/leaders/champions there is projection and flinging of mud.

Everyone has a sad story about how they are a victim. Yet too many people are victims eager to become bullies and abusers. This secret impulse runs unchecked because it stems from the shadow and blind spots. Far too many seek to win the game of dominance-over-others (and unconsciously appoint authority figures to be their champion enforcers), instead of working to win the game of self mastery and consciousness within.

Far too many are secretly eager in their shadows, in self absorption; emboldened in ego, to rationalize, to champion selfishness. The less we develop the discipline to face and handle our shadows the more we become lax in letting our shadows and dark sides take over.

One can not consider their self truly conscious until they realize the hypocrisy in that. Even the biggest politicians, celebrities, religious leaders, even rocket scientists are not truly CONSCIOUS if they have not realized the hypocrisy in that… and done something about it in their selves and in their own lives.

We are not truly conscious or intelligent until we realize this.

Real consciousness is born in many moments of self humility, of not knowing the answers, even in scary shaky moments, even shocks to the system that all bring self awareness. It’s just the true self’s way of telling the ego to come back home to center. Breaking it down. What is disillusioned, may be replaced with true substance and authentic character.

Although, I have a harsh attitude toward bullshit. The way I see it, one hasn’t been through enough if they haven’t learned this lesson yet. The lesson where humility and wisdom begin.

No one is on the path until they’ve been cracked open by a few shocks and fallen to their knees for the path. Humbly opened up to the path and hungrily sought love and enlightenment with the screaming core of their being.

Wakeful consciousness begins where a humbling realization of one’s hypocrisy begins… which is where the ego in a false sense begins to end. One can accept and can be hungry for this kind of “death”, or go to sleep and wait for physical literal pains and nights to befall them.

Merry Christmas, or so

Some Christmas metaphysical know-how.

This is an energetically powerful time of year and much energy is stirred up during it (when that energy would rather be resting).

What might be worse than Christmas starting months early is it ending abruptly after Christmas day.

Everything is built up for months in a Christmas way then it stops. Everything goes back to drab winter, and people go back to being miserable.

It’s like running a marathon and stopping on the finish line without walking it out. It’s like making love all night and walking out with a blank face immediately after the climax.

It’s jilted and unnatural. It’s also not natural to stir up such energy in people during the darkest time of year. There is less sunlight, less energy in people, it’s not a good time to expend ourselves. The energy drain and hangover can be a bitch. There’s a reason many people get sick this time of year and it’s not because it’s cold outside. It’s because the holiday hubbub drains them and messes with their energy systems like a yo yo.

If you engage in Christmas festivities it’s better to ride them out and taper them off. It’s better for the body and energy system to let things trail off naturally, according to their own rhythms.

So find a quiet spot, light a candle, have a mug of eggnog or tea… and let yourself relax into the winter spirit. The spirit of winter lasts all winter long. It’s a low key energy, unlike the spring, and best appreciated in quiet moments.

It’s easy for all of this to be obscured by “It’s Christmas! Run around! Stop!”

The soul is analog, not digital. Think about it. Then feel it out, in yourself.

Merry week or two after Christmas.

A Call of Manhood

May this be a courageous year.

Men once had courage. They had courage before greed and possessiveness, before obsessing on acquiring the most stuff and owning vaginas before they even know their own bodies. Before they became agents of a dark machine who sell their will for an attempt to control others, ready to fuck each other over for a piece of ass or a share of the green pie.

Before all that they had courage. Before all that, nobility wasn’t a celebrity in a tuxedo. It was an inner cultivated quality and men pushed themselves to the edge to cultivate it. For a chance to know integrity and nobility.

A man would be wise to not be swayed by the machine, to not let other men set the tone for what true stature is, to not let vamps seduce him to think that stature has to do with external things.

A man sets his own tone. A man seeks to stand strong in nature, in the universe, in of himself, this is a test.

If you’re a man I hope that you find it again. I hope you get as fired up for your independent thought and sovereignty as you do for alcohol, pussy, and big screen tvs. I hope to see you on the front lines of consciousness, braving the frontier of our soul evolutions and protecting all which truly matters in our hearts, as men are supposed to do.

The Two Men in Man

There are two men in every man. There is his ego, his superficial self which you come to know in waking time.

There is his soul.  This is under the surface and unspoken. Yet it does slip through in speech occasionally, in symbolic actions and timings, and the actions a man takes despite what his ego says.

If you want to know a man pay less attention to his ego and what he says. The goodness or negativity of a man is told from his soul despite proclamations he makes on the surface. It is from within that men act from. Many are unconscious of what is driving them but this does not change what is driving them.

We live in a world where many men make proclamations on the surface, all their energy is invested in force and extroverted action. This has made man into a hypocrite and something of a shell.

So a man must awaken the sleeper within. He must humble his brash surface and go within, discover his soul. There he must do clearing and atonement, depending on its nature. He must get in touch with his true self and quest to consciously act in accordance with the eternal breath that gives him life and the unconditional heart which gives him his pulse and sentience. He must strive to act with the positive aspects of his soul. He must endeavor to act in “right action”, or conscious use of will in all that he does.

In this way man does not need salvation, he walks a path that is his salvation.

A man’s path becomes him whether he is conscious of it or not.

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s day. Here’s a cute video.

Mothers give birth to cute animals like this. If we are to truly respect the mother we must respect her children, the life she gives birth to. It takes a lot of energy and love to create a new lifeform let alone birth and raise it.

To love one mother we must love all mothers, and the life they bring into the world.

People often forget this in “I love my momma” sentiments. I love my momma too but it is upon us to do more than revert to sappiness when faced with the archetype of the mother. It’s upon us to bring consciousness to the love we feel for our mommas. It’s upon us to live and act in ways that consciously recognize and respect the mother.

To do so we must respect all that she gives birth to. One gave birth to each of us too. She provided us the opportunity to experience life. Thank her by respecting her work.

Happy Mother’s day. Live, laugh, and celebrate life!

***something fun to do: see how many Conan Obrien’s you can spot in the video (this sentence is only as random as creation is spontaneous).

The Deepest Temptation

If you want to know why the world is fucked up and why “despite all my rage I’m still just a rat in a cage”, read this.
Then follow up with this as an example of the problem.

It should be noted that the dogmatic assholes who level accusations of moral failing, sin and karma against addicts or anyone in a destitute situation are (consciously or not) part of or serving the evil they claim to be fighting.

They’re part of a destructive system that plays games against humanity. A system that trips humanity up and gets people to feel guilty about themselves for being human. These forces do not want a harmonious world. They want chaos and suffering. They know that the rats are going to go for the drugged water if the cage is made toxic and isolating.

The nature of true evil is not a moral failing or fairy tale figure with horns and a tail. The nature of true evil is something incredibly anti-human (anti-life, anti-matter, anti-spirit). It has no point of reference in the human world and known universe other than maybe the deepest and staunchest clingings on to the force of denial. Denial against freedom, beingness, and the very natural and spontaneous flow of creation itself.

Evil is what has created our culture and is everywhere in society where natural humanity is shamed and natural connection and bonding between warm blooded creatures is shunned.

Some call this evil “patriarchy”, and the negative male ego is very much part of it. The negative male ego, with its desire for power and control, is sort of evil’s prison bitch. The negative male will readily sell out his soul if he thinks he’s going to get a power or ego fix from it. Many men habitually exist in this state of soullessness because it’s been woven into society and the collective mind to think and act in such ways.

Despite how many men (and women) have sold out for power, for money, for fancy suits and cars, and to own the feminine* the source of evil is not humanity. It is something very not human. Something akin to the machines in the Matrix movies. Something that does not understand humanity and its needs at all, something with a sadistic apathy toward it.

*At least the material expression of the feminine (and human soul), as the highest heavens elude those who operate in control and malignant aggression… in crude terms one can not rape their way into the highest gateways of the Mother. Doorways only open for honest hearts and spirits that grasp compassion. “Heaven” never kicked us out, we strayed from it. We kick ourselves out and close the door further with every unhuman act. Love is eternal however, and the arms of love reach out and cry as we stray into unnatural, unhuman territory. Only unnatural patriarchal gods seek to judge (with their limited sight) and punish. Truly, the truest eternal power cries out quietly for us and reminds us that we can turn away form our self betraying unhuman ways at any time and come back to our humanity and souls.

This is the truest temptation of the Mother force, the feminine expression, that unhuman religions and autistic masculine minds demonize and fear.

It’s basic touch itself, even the recognition of our own beingness in our own warm bodies, that these unhuman forces seek to separate us from and have developed entire mind infecting paradigms of polarization and terror against.

It is that basic need that tempts us in our deepest souls to reunite with. Love is what nourished our souls and made any of us what we are today. It is sad how far we’ve strayed.

I can hear the universe crying for us, can you?

The Self Thread

tree dance

Self authenticity is everything and what is the “self”? There must be universal threads in every self for the self to be referred to as the “Self”. The Self must be one part of the ever present holy trinity, however your personal framework of spirituality frames it. Not to be mistaken for religion and dogmatism of gods and devils which is another trap to keep the mind in dualistic division. The number three is part of many spiritual traditions, the trinity at the basis of life and creation. Life as a trinary circuit.

These threads must have something to do with being genuine, with integrity, with honesty, with personal responsibility and accountability. Basically all the qualities we need to cultivate in ourselves to access and truly know the “Self”.

Basically all the qualities that you won’t find on TV in public caricatures of empty importance. Those who have replaced their threads of Self with superficial enslavement, drawn themselves out of the trinity to draw themselves into a false matrix. The quo has already abandoned them, they have nothingness to look forward to when the transient ride ends.

We should really be savvier than that. We should implore ourselves to ask how we are part of the trinary circuit and how we can be most present in it which is to be fully alive (the path of Selfhood, the authentic self).

There is an eternal circuit for those who are honest toward themselves. For those who are ruthlessly compassionate with themselves there is the ecstatic nearly unbearable experience of being. There is light and there is dark, there is happiness and there is sadness, but those who find center find something greater than all sides of the coin.

There is the loop of infinity and creation alive in all living things. There is a matrix of substance and it begins within in the rumbles of self awakening that arouse your soul. It begins in every sliver that tells us we must look within and come to know ourselves. We must not just face ourselves but be willing to realize and experience ourselves so we know ourselves fully. Plant your feet on the Earth and be at one with your heart and the stars above, and you’ll know true luminescence.

The substance that connects us to eternity is within us but we must reconcile the pieces within. We must be courageous to face our egos, our undesirable and ugly sides that we deny, our shadows and repressed vulnerabilities and pains. We must brave the tests that the Self has set for us, in which to find it and let love find us.

This all boils down to the substance of the genuine self. The responsibility of the very being and awareness of the very breath.

There is no drug to deeply look within, there is no image or costume that one can put on to reach it. It’s reached in the sober moments and the quiet stillness of revelation.

This is the test, in your very breath.