Can We Create New Choices?

Can you not see it? The oaf running to get the chosen ruler elected. Every time there’s a dip in the ruler’s polling, the oaf is on the news with a new scandal.

What we see transpiring on the social plane has already been planned. The worst thing we can do for our free will is to react and feed into these artificial narratives.

What more evidence do we need that we’re existing in a matrix, a dream? We’ve been turned into tails on the dog. We are wagged. We react.

We accept false choices. False paradigms. We think in pettily dualistic ways, and the path of our collective future becomes darker as we continually buy into these demeaning narratives that tell us to choose between evils.

It’s all a dream and the dream is in possession of many minds. The sleeping mind is scarier than any corrupt ruler. The sleeping mind is what allows the corrupt to take over. It is so obvious this time, can you not see it? The world’s  so called “leaders” already believe they can get away with anything as it is.

They set up false paradigms and unhealthy paths for us to choose between. Can’t we do better? Can we invest our energy in more sustainable futures?

We’re on the edge of unconscious oblivion with how manipulated our world is, how easily people are spurred to division and conflict. Even over politics, friends are making enemies of each other.

The unconscious sleep is winning. Whether it’s the third act where it wins, or the second act where thing get dark then brighten up, is up to us.

We have to wake up though.

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