No easy way

Most people when it comes to expanding their ideas of health and healing = “That can’t work! My doctor says it can’t! Look at all these articles proving my point”

Then they get sick with something terrible and all the sudden will try anything.

Facing a crisis is the fastest way to erode the ego. A human being can go from conceited to humble and open minded in a heartbeat.

Most of the time, the common ego exists in a state of sort of petulance. A sort of conceit that filters everything a certain way. The innocence and openness of being is left far behind. This doesn’t mean the average ego is less naive than a child. Naivety and denial actually become stronger as a person galvanizes in that ego, and yet the openness to learn and grow (be challenged at a fundamental level without fear) is lost.

The funniest thing about people who use the straw man of, “You’re looking for a miracle cure!” to shoot down alternative healing modalities is that allopathic medicine and the common material reductionist mindset is completely monotone. It’s completely focused on magic bullets and one size fits all cures.

The weakened mind looks for one size fits all answers. There’s no such thing though. The pharmaceutical industry thrives off of this tunnel vision thinking though.

I’ve found it’s the same people who will criticize others for practicing preventative care and health building techniques are the same ones who just want a pill when they get sick.

Then they’re taking dozens of pills, but in their minds nothing they’re doing is abnormal. Even if it’s sickening them.

That stubborn wall of ego is the last thing to crack in many people.

The thing is any good healer is not going to claim magic one size fits all cures for anything.

I’ve been through a lot, healed myself through a lot, and have helped many people just by sharing what I’ve learned in their times of need. I don’t hate allopathic medicine. I think there’s an imbalance toward it, and an immature mockery/denial of any alternatives in some people.

Healing is not about magic cures. It’s about having a mature fucking state of mind so that one is willing to do what one needs to heal their self. That can mean prescription medication in some cases, but often means exploring other modalities too.

It’s never just one thing though. Life is not just one thing. Your body is a combination of many different cells, energies, and functions.

A combination of healing techniques that work for one ailment might not work for another.

Life is music. It’s a synthesis of many things. Realize that because if you don’t you’re gonna keep clanging monotone notes over and over. Often in a false dualiistic conflict with some other “side” that threatens the numbing noise.

The body is music. Healing is music. It’s learning to get in touch with your natural rhythms, and learning the right combination of modalities and techniques that work for you.

Fuck what everyone else thinks. They want to dictate your bed because they’re petulant toddlers whose egos tempt the universe for a smack in the face wake up every time they open their mouths. They don’t have to sleep in your bed. If you have cancer they’re not gonna die of cancer if you fail to listen to your body and do everything you can do to heal yourself. If you have an auto-immune disease they don’t have to live with your pain every time the conventional treatments fail (but add more toxicity to your body) and the doctors say they don’t know what’s wrong.

All the people who want to tell you how to be and how to live don’t have to suffer the consequences of your experience. Do you see how selfish that is? Normally we can be selfish assholes in these lives with our own bodies, but we end up paying the consequences for our thinking and behaviors. In telling others how to live and what to do, the selfish asshole ego believes it can be a selfish asshole without consequence because the other person has to suffer the consequence. Don’t let that happen to you. Don’t be a victim of other peoples’ negative and unconscious aggression.

Most mocking toddlers turn into cry babies when they face a crisis. I find the best revenge is to educate them, because now they look at the world differently. They may survive but they can’t go back to their little bubble of understanding. Educate them into a world of awareness and knowledge. Now they have to survive with a greater sense of awareness, of both of the goodness and the BS that fills our world.

There’s no way that is completely and absolutely without struggle or effort. One can be ignorant and live in (superficially) blissful denial, and not have to think about how much crap there is out there. One can awaken and be less a victim of the BS, yet now has the responsibility of exercising that awareness and building a stronger consciousness.

Most people don’t even get to a point where they make a choice in how they want to live until they’ve faced their challenging moments, their dark night of the soul, their tests.

Don’t waste those opportunities, is all I’m saying.

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