Way To Go Doc Brown

This is an amazing video and message. Watch it and watch it again. It’s pure and inspirational. I found it more so than any movie released this decade. It reminds me of a time when the message could be simple and inspirational, not convoluted and brooding.

This isn’t a reboot/remake/rehash/CGI of Doc Brown speaking his classic lines either. It’s the same Doc Brown. Doc Brown being his good natured and off kilter self with more wrinkles and a tired looking face. Yet the message is as powerful as it always has been.

Let’s keep open minds, let’s clear ourselves of the gunk/darkness/cynicism/unnecessary drama. The future is being made in this moment right now. The best thing we can do is clear ourselves and remember how to fly. Remember the inner spark, as Doc Brown always did.

It’s easy but not something you think about. It’s in the release and letting go. Doc brown didn’t have many mean bones in his body, that’s why he could create flight (Biff didn’t create it, he temporarily stole it and it killed him). Doc is a character. You’re a real person. The spirit is the same regardless of who embodies it.

If we do that we will naturally manifest and gravitate toward positive futures.

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