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Daring For Beauty

I felt like posting something life embracing, a daring show of beauty. In a pair of lips, in a sift of sand, in a wisp of a wave… It’s not fearful. It’s not a gripping headline. It’s not ironic. It’s not meant to make your life seem unexciting. It’s not a trend. It’s not a top 10 list. It’s not new. It’s been around for ages. This thing called beauty. This thing called life. It might be said that the first time we fell in love was with life itself. So let’s rise.

The beauty of nature’s soul and the aortic vessel, promoting little bursts of ecstasy and grand moments blossoming. Life is provocative and my mind makes love to it every day. Ravishing, full body quaking orgasmic love. Let’s throw off our jaded clothes. Let’s try our staying power. Let’s see who smiles biggest…

Sometimes you find it within, sometimes it finds you without.

For my love and Mother ‘verse.

Dsc03191A white hot glow gently rouses the waves and entices the thirsty sands, in anticipation, sinking into the plush rosette horizon.

Dsc03143A kiss of amber orange amour rolls over a curve’s crest to adore the tip of the most comely peak.

Dsc03142Adorned with adore and flowing from the inside, a mountain reverberates.

Dsc01413The passion of ember sky like a heated glass hearth, the rich and blue sea building up deeply. Its secrets never told, ever felt in its fresh sprays.

Dsc01404Salty licks reach out upon the soft slope, teasing the shore, saturating its granules of eternity with tomorrow’s dreams.

0824131550She opens her elation wings with widest embrace upon the land. A dress to dress the world in a bathe of prismic luminescence. Hot with the light of life.

Dsc03213We’ll rise so high that we love where we are, remember to love what we are, right now at this moment.

1012141743The shoreline swelled and salty wet, the waves relaxed into their undulating rhythm wrapping the land ’round. Golden tracks galvanize a moment, hand in hand, a couple lifted by crystal scintilla pillows between the toes.

1012141741bFriends of four legs and fur chase the waves as she glows brighter in joy, radiating the horizon with dusk’s final fiery osculation. Rays reaching, lovers embracing in her embryonic wings.

1012141742aA long smooch in crisp air, stretching as far as the day will take it, only the dance of shadows hint. How deep the breath? How surrendered the lips? How swept the pulse?

Dsc00006Lips kiss soft as a petal-s delicate press; upon petals, daring to meet the scintillating possibility of bliss blossoming.

Every relationship with the passions that builds within and the beauty without is a secret romance with life itself. Amour, amour! Dear life, adore.

Imagine that we realized the life that abounds within us. Imagine that we fell in love with the beauty that surrounds us. Imagine that love was already embracing us.