Challenge Yourself

How to get in the best shape? Push yourself until you break. We tend to have artificial and unnatural views toward ourselves. We want the light but fear the darkness. We fear our fears, our weaknesses, our wounds, the idea that we’re not totally in control.

Life has to be loud noise all the time for the ego, it fears silence. It fears the valleys to the peaks so the music it creates ends up being white noise.

The common ego is unappreciative of life itself. You can hate life with the love, you can yell at life sometimes. That’s not the point. The point is being appreciative of life and its wholeness. Not a fucking detached egotistic head that has an alienating view toward its own beingness.

We have so much freedom and capability that we don’t realize. The secret to developing individual strength is humbleness and gratitude. It’s having the sober mind to be aware of your limitations and conditions and still pushing yourself. It’s overcoming the futility of doubt and fatalistic thinking.

It’s not facing our darkness or weaknesses that is wrong or bad, it’s the idiotic fatalistic thinking that we see our weaknesses with. It’s the uppity up our own egotistic assholes stigma that we view certain parts of ourselves with. We’re not humans in this capacity. We’re narcissistic machines that would betray and murder our humanity for that insentient, mechanical narcissism.

The reality is it doesn’t matter what kind of shape you’re in or what you look like. It doesn’t even matter what you think you look like. It’s knowing you have the power to face the limitations and doubts. You might fall but that’s ok. We can’t grow unless we know our limits and as long as we’re alive we can keep getting up.

It’s courageously facing the unknown in yourself and break down of those walls. You may find weaknesses along the way. That can be scary but it’s the only way to discover your strength.

So the secret to getting in the best shape in mind and body is not a special work out or something seen on TV. It’s realizing that the best “shape” is already within you. Only you can discover it. Only you’ll know if you’re testing yourself.

The ego creates many layers and illusions to protect itself. It seems logical yet is counter intuitive to the process of true strength-shedding illusions… Finding real strength depends upon how far one is willing to push their self and build up in the fierceness of sobriety. We grow from where we are not from where we’re not. You might be in a good place. How are you going to know unless you work through the illusions and walls?

Humble, not humiliate. Humiliation creates embarrassment and walls of avoidance. Often we hold guilt that has no connection to reality and it must be shed.

It’s about pushing your limits (whatever yours are) and not being afraid to break yourself. You’re not working toward a “shape” but shedding limitations and realizing what’s within. Everyone has that ground to discover in themselves in some way.

What you discover and what emerges is going to be mightier for you than any heroes. You have potential in yourself otherwise you wouldn’t be able to relate to what inspires you.

The “self test” is personal but there are basics.

  • Push your body until you shake.
  • Seek out new information to challenge your comprehension and bias.
  • Look within yourself with honesty until the feeling is unbearable.

It’s about awakening your hunger to grow. The lover and fighter are two sides of a coin.

No matter how mighty you get it’s love that’s building you up. Every true warrior keeps this in mind. Even the Earth is feeding you oxygen right now. There’s many things that contribute. There’s no such thing as a damn loner. The idea that anyone does anything totally alone is a self masturbating myth. It’s is the individual will that puts the work in PLUS the myriad of conditions that get oneself to where one is. It’s BOTH.

Strength is knowing you have vulnerabilities and still pushing forward. It’s wrestling the impossible. It’s what rises when you confront your limitations without fear but for passion of your path.

It’s not about the mind or body. It’s about your spirit.

Dsc00104 It’s awaiting us in our tests of mind, heart and body.

When you awaken you will meet it, and every moment is that moment.

May we each ascend our mountains (of our individual goals, which also is a transpersonal and collective mountain),

Sol Phire

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