Be Your Own Hero

1384053_1408008249432094_47111134_nBe your own hero!

Be the conviction, honor, strength, truth of what YOU believe in.

Life is real. These aren’t silly ideas, these words aren’t out of touch with the “real world”. The “real world” is largely out of touch with the pulse of reality.

The “real world”, both its grueling pursuit of owning “stuff” and its inhuman streets, and its mindlessly distracting traps = out of touch with reality.

Reality is waiting for you in your naked wilderness, tearing away your illusions and gnawed to the bone of your conviction.

It’s miles away from the bullshit we fill our lives with. From the lies we tell ourselves.

The reality is we never know how long we have. You could wake up dead tomorrow. Then the question is how honest are you in this moment right now?

How in touch with yourself are you right now?

How aware of the moment are you?

Be thankful for your reminders.

When we complain about life being tough and painful we’re dipping our toes in the water. It’s a waste of time to keep doing that over and over. That’s why we complain out of frustration, not because the water is cold but because we feel stuck at the water’s edge.

We must each find the will in ourselves to plunge into that water or walk away and find another place to chart our paths. When you find that strength, whatever you choose with it and whatever direction you go, you’ll find true freedom.

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