Be Hardcore


Be hardcore mofos! Be fucking hardcore.

Don’t be a fake because it doesn’t matter. The bullshit image you create, the face you save… the “stuff” you own that ends up owning you… it doesn’t matter. It’s all fucking bullshit.

We’re immersed in this fake culture that worships hollow narcissism. It’s a cult of image and personality out there. The world is full of actors who wouldn’t know “real” if it hit them over the head. People don’t care what power and strength, or heart and virtue are anymore. They just want the fucking idea of it! The reality scares the shit out of them.

The image is paper thin and weak as a wet bag (despite that the idiots stuck in it can’t seem to get out of it). It’s not gonna build a good bed for any of us at night. It leaves many people forlorn. Idiots don’t learn.

The only fucking thing that matters in the big bad world, and to a larger extent the universe, is the character that you create. It’s your deeds and your actions. Whether we’re honest with ourselves or not, everything is etched somewhere.

Be fucking hardcore. In whatever ways you need to be. Raise your GPA, start a website, or run that 5 miles without losing your breath. I want to see you succeed but only you can know what that means for you.

Don’t be a hopeless romantic, fighter, whatever… that’s just a protective measure of self defeatism that we tell ourselves so we don’t have to test ourselves. Be a fucking dreamer! BELIEVE! Apply yourself!

You see I’m selfish. I find most people to be boring and tedious. I want you to succeed because it inspires me when you do. There’s an undeniable quality about you when you do.

Climb that mountain, climb it hardcore.

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