To Take Advantage For We Or For Me

One of the hardest truths for the empathic soul to reconcile is that people take advantage of each other in this world.

Everyone is at their own level of consciousness and strengths, motivated by their own drives, exercising their own free will. The elimination of free will would be a step backward in the complexity of our evolution as conscious beings.

We must learn to accept our freedom and the power with it because in doing so we come to the next step, which is the next question we must all ask ourselves when taking advantage.

Are we taking advantage in a way that advantages others or disadvantages them?

Are you sure? Ask yourself again. Are you really sure? Ask yourself again. Do you want the best for them, whatever it is? How can you know what that is?

Are you thinking with your ego or your empathy?

It’s a responsibility only we ourselves can take.

This question when asked deeply, honestly, soberly and completely is free will’s saving grace.

Can we take advantage while helping and even directly co-enabling the advantage of others?

With this question we can step into an additive, embracing, expansive reality and away from a subtractive, diminishing, schism-creating reality.

You have great dreams, but do you include-with love and good spirit-others in your dreams?

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